EAST YORK Release New Single ‘Circus’

Following their first rock anthem, East York brings you their second single Circus.  

This is the first official music video from East York, with filming of this video being completed only 2 days before Melbourne went into a 3 month lockdown. The lighter, more relaxed “superficial/surface” state has punters walking around the band, observing their performance, critiquing their music, how they look and move. The band in this state are quite passive, vulnerable – the artist. 

When talking about the new track, Cameron Zayec (Video director) says: “The music video concept for Circus represents two different states that we often find ourselves in as humans.  When we critique/judge someone or something, from a position of authority. We judge others often because we judge ourselves, therefore underneath the surface, there will always be some degree of pain. We can’t be gentle and care for others. until we are truly gentle and care for ourselves.

Whilst the band may not be able to play shows right now we can assure you they will be back on stage, in the new year. Until then.. this is Circus.

Listen to Circus Here. Available on all streaming platforms.

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With thanks to Marz Eventz

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