Art Rockers SAPPHIRE STREET Release New LP ‘Patchwork’

Following 2020’s pandemic leaving their city to be confined to their homes, Melbourne locals, Sapphire Street took no hesitation in turning to their home studio to muster up a successor to their 2019 debut ‘Strawberry Glaze’. Almost as if perfectly timed to the emergence back out of lockdown, the now released ‘Patchwork’ is a saturated conceptualization of the peculiar year gone by.

This time round they delve even deeper into the realm of experimentation, whilst retaining their signature blend of classic and modern inspired psychedelia. With gigs being a lost commodity and unable to collaborate with fellow musicians, the band found themselves building up songs from their drums and guitar core. This along with a firm grasp on the whole process from engineering to cover art led ‘Patchwork’ to become a colourful journey of genre-bending riffs and grooves. All topped with contemplative lyrics and produced on their own hand-built speakers, Sapphire Street have encapsulated their signature “Wonderland of pumping psychedelic rock n’ roll” (The Freedom Arts Movement) into this new project to a degree that is unique to the band. 

‘Patchwork’ is now available on all online streaming platforms such as Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and more. Tune in right HERE.

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