TINY Strikes Again With Another Hit Single, ‘Good Life’

TINY is quickly becoming a name you will want to keep on your radar after she has shown incredible talent with yet another banging single, Good Life. This song is one of TINY’s most self proclaimed productions to date that showcases TINY’s ability to wear many hats when it comes to writing, sound production, producing, singing & mixing as a self contained artist. 

Good Life truly is as good as it gets! Almost every sound in this electronic banger was created & designed by TINY herself from the drums right through to the synths. If that wasn’t enough, TINY has proven her craftsmanship as a songwriter & singer, with a heartfelt vocal performance which expresses her vulnerable lyrics that comes straight from the heart. Almost anyone striving for a better life can relate to this track.

“This track was my first attempt at sound design, at the time when I started, it was all purely experimental. I honestly wasn’t expecting it to turn into anything. The words ‘don’t go’ came out the second I laid down the chords of the synth that I made. The song basically wrote itself in a few hours, for me I was just trying to keep up with the ideas that were coming into my head. I went between making the sounds, to writing the top line, then back to producing then back to the top line. It all happened very quickly, I had to record a lot of it on my phone just to keep up with it all.

I feel like this track is a very vulnerable expression & extension of myself. This year has been a difficult one not just for myself but almost everyone I know. For the first time in my life I feel like there have been circumstances outside of me that could have the potential to rip my dream of 14 years away. It’s also a bittersweet song because I feel like during this time period I have had the chance to stop & smell the roses. As humans we’re always striving for that next best thing which has a tendency to take us away from all the small things that can make life truly beautiful. It’s easy to take things for granted, but in the bigger scheme of things life is what you make it & it can always be good if you let it. Good Life is something I hope will speak to others who are currently going through a difficult time, just to remind them life can always be amazing if you keep the right perspective.” – TINY


TINY has won three competitions in Australia for songwriting & DJing. These include the Universal Bali APRA Songsummit Songwriting Competition (2012), Australia’s biggest DJ Competition ‘Your Shot’ Wild Card Winner (2018) & Radio Metros Mix Master DJ Competition (2020).

TINY started playing guitar at the age of 10 and writing songs from the age of 14. By the age of 17 she had written, sung and released her first album. 

Aside from various writing sessions in LA & participating in 50 songs in 5 days (2013), some of TINY’s collaborations include the likes of Gary Go (Grammy award winner for Cinema), Louis Schrool, Audius Mtawarira, Robert Conley, Megan Washington & many more. Her previous credits include receiving an administration deal with Bill Silva Management & her first song cut in Japan by Rina Sumioka for Hello Yellow (2013).

During 2013 TINY relocated from the Gold Coast to Sydney to study Audio Engineering & Sound production at JMC to further develop her skills as a producer and artist. In late 2014 she taught herself how to DJ & had made it a full time profession by 2015, acquiring multiple residencies between Sydney, Gold Coast & London. 

By 2019 TINY had made her way onto the festival circuit performing at various national and international festivals such as Snowbombing (Austria), Earth Frequency (QLD) & Splendour In The Grass (NSW).

TINY has quickly received positive attention for her previous release On My Mind Feat Amela, which gained positive reviews from Acid StagBlank GCThe Partae, AAA Backstage & The Other Side Reviews.



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