SUPER MASSIVE Release Infectious Disco Track ‘I Like It’

Super Massive is the creative co-writing partnership of ex-Machine Gun Fellatio drummer/composer/producer Glenn Abbott and singer/songwriter/dancer Malina Hamilton-Smith. Formed due to a shared love of vintage 70’s funk and disco, and a common vision of creating a true 50/50 blend of electronic dance music and rock, Super Massive now release their new single I Like It, an infectious dance track inspired by the trademarks of classic 70s disco – premiered by Tone Deaf!

I Like It is a joy-filled, playful and infectious disco song that will take you on a summery trip back to the heady days of classic 70s disco. The song is driven by a big fat juicy bassline and snappy disco drums that are both lavished with the tasty licks only funk-loving musicians can deliver. There’s real 70s funk wah wah guitar, provocative lyrics, the squonking synths that Super Massive have made their trademark, and exuberant vocals, including a high spirited crowd in the chorus. Glenn explains, “The song didn’t change from its original concept. We wanted to get that good-time, happy vibe that a lot of disco tracks have. We wanted to have everything played in live, like all the classic disco tunes, like Michael Jackson, Chic. A lot of modern disco is all programmed and relies on loops. We wanted a bit more heart and soul in the track, so we laid all the parts down on a drum kit, bass guitar and guitar the way they did back in the day.”

Uninterested in following musical trends, the duo explore the boundaries of pop, rock, electro, dance, disco and funk, seamlessly blending multi-layered synth-scapes with full live rock instrumentation, topped off by Hamilton-Smith’s dynamic and expressive vocals. Exploring boundaries in the new single, Malina further explains “Glenn came up with the chorus ‘I like it, I like it a lot’ and then handed it over to me to write the verses. Disco funk is all about good times and hedonistic pleasures, so I took a suggestive angle on the words and decided to write the verses as a dirty limerick, for a bit of fun. The song doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

I Like It caps off an exciting year for Super Massive, with the band’s sixth single Invertebrate reaching #3 on the AMRAP AirIt Regional Radio Chart and has had repeat play on alternative radio in Australia and they have become favourites on specialty synth and darkwave oriented shows overseas like SynthCity in the UK, Dark Noise Radio in the US and Radio Dark Tunnel in Germany. Earlier this year Abbott and Hamilton-Smith collaborated with The Soul Movers on a disco song called Circles Baby, which was used as the soundtrack for a workout video by the original line-up of The Wiggles. Abbott produced the song and arranged all the lush disco orchestration on the track with Hamilton-Smith sang the backing vocals. 



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