HOW DID THE BIRD FLY Releases Debut Double Single ‘Indiana’ + ‘What Will You Do Hippie?’

Today sees the release of the debut double single from Sunshine Coast’s How Did The Bird Fly – the latest musical project from Brock Rasmussen. The double single includes Indiana and What Will You Do Hippie? – the first two glimmers into this shining solo venture from an incredibly creative mind and a talented musician.  

HDTBF brings electro alternative rock in a whole new light, drawing elements from a broad mix of multicultural music including eastern keys, Mongolian chant, sitar’s, middle eastern percussion and more. Paired with Brock’s poetically deep, transient vocal you’ll find yourself immersed in a post modern psychedelic state with every listen. 

Indiana is a song that tells a story of past, present and future – a love song of sorts, written about a love that was never realized. The first verse set in the 90’s, the second verse is now – 2020 and the last verse flashes forward into the future, to 2049. The song has been exclusively available on YouTube for a couple of months now, but is officially released today, November 24, 2020. 

When asked about the second single on this double debut release, What Will You Do Hippie? in a recent interview, Brock explained:

“I have chosen a really 90’s Regurgitator/Spiderbait kind of sound. It is a bit of a tribute to my roots, sonically with those sounds in there. It’s basically a split personality song that flips back and forwards between the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other… they are having a fight between materialism over hippie values and drug abuse over living healthy. And the crux of the chorus is kind of ‘what will you do?’ you know you are torn between these two worlds, the yin and yang, the negative and the positive. I feel a lot of people have this, no matter what style of life they are living, they have these battles and so the chorus asks, ‘What will you do?’ My parents were basically hippies, so that’s where the hippie line comes in, it’s a little bit of a reflection on my youth, a reflection on growing up in Brisbane with the sound choices…”

LISTEN TO INDIANA + WHAT WILL YOU DO HIPPIE? HERE + check out the video for Indiana below.

Brock writes and records all his own music in his independent home studio, Biofreq Studio on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

“The songs were written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered during COVID lockdown over a 4 month period. It was a test in writing my unique style into radio form and completing a full production for release as an independent. I produced every element from start to finish. The single is meant to be a soft radio format sneak peak to preposition the main body of work ‘Filoplume’ which will release next year.” – Brock Rasmussen 

How Did The Bird Fly’s debut album, ‘Filoplume’ is set for release in 2021. The double single – Indiana + What Will You Do Hippie? is out now.
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