CLEA Shares New Single + Video ‘Limelight’

Image Credit: Lily Cotter

“Step into a dreamworld” – FASHION JOURNAL 

“(Clea) seems to cast a spell over you with her music.” – TRIPLE J

“shimmering, dramatic and glorious” – PURPLE SNEAKERS

“Brisbane indie-pop artist Clea is renowned for floating into our lives with something completely different but equally astonishing than her last effort.” – TONEDEAF

Clea takes us away with her new single and video Limelight. This new track is the third and final chapter of Clea’s collected works from 2020.

The stunning music video was filmed exactly a year ago and is shot by Jack Birtles on 16mm film, was directed by Jennifer Embelton and styled by Lily Cotter. The clip was filmed in the Scenic Rim just as the sky was thick with bushfire smoke and the land was dirt dry. 

Clea speaks of the video: “We were on constant alert for fire warnings just in case the need to evacuate arose. The feel is surrealist, sticking to a central theme of  “authentic self” as I try on different personas with several looks, some warped, some fearful and some pure – parts of myself that I have rejected or not yet fully learned to love. I play with the camera and attempt to deceive or trick the viewer, unaware of my true personality.  In reality I am all of those things, the sum of all my parts.  As I float in a layer of heavy fabric I am free of all expectations and able to see past fear and move through life with love and attention.” 

“Limelight is about how often we find ourselves looking to be anywhere but in the now. We get glimpses of the present moment but predominantly live in a distant reality. In doing this we pick up a range of fears, anxieties and warped perceptions of ourselves and others, often showing our true personalities a fraction of the time as a means to fit into the social mould. Until we truly accept our authentic selves and embody what it’s truly like to let go, that’s when we will be free.” Clea shares.

Lucky fans in Brisbane were recently treated to a couple of live performances from Clea and her band who sold out two nights at The Outpost earlier in August and most recently last month supporting the DMA’s. A rarity in the times we’re faced with, Clea and her band’s performances were altogether moving, full of life and at times hilarious. After quite some time between live shows, Clea and band found their home once again on the live stage with ease and joy.

Clea floated into our lives some four years ago with her debut single Polyester. 2017 saw the young artist release her first body of work – her ‘Fairweather’ EP. But it was her debut album ‘Vermillion’ (2018) that shook the public into consciousness. Taken from ‘Vermillion’, Clea’s breakout moment came in the form of the single Dreaming; which saw her take the win for the 2019 Song Of The Year at the Queensland Music Awards. 

The same year,  Clea made Mark Ronson’s Nothing Breaks Like A Heart her very own during a breathtaking triple j Like A Version. Clea’s music is a collection of moments, a living-breathing document of life’s rich pageant. Never wanting to repeat anything twice, Clea sees constant renewal an integral aspect of her creativity and life. Clea’s creative passion expresses itself through song, video, fashion and captivating live performances. 

Clea hit the ground running earlier this year with Soft Blow To The Head, an invigorated and re-focused vision, a sophomore album in her sights, a renewed sense of independence and a longing to act as a positive creative force. Sugar was a sweet chapter in her creative journey and now she’s closing out the year with her new track Limelight.

Upcoming Shows:
26 – 27 Nov – Yonder Festival – Sunshine Coast, QLD
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