THE GROGANS Top 5 Aussie Bands Of All Time

Melbourne rockers, The Grogans have just released their sophomore album ‘Day / To / Day’ on Friday November 13 and we’ve had it on loop here at Good Call Live HQ since its release! The guys have certainly won our hearts with this one and have made it to our favourite releases from Australian bands for 2020. So we asked the guys, who are your favourite Aussie bands of all time!? Hard question, we know! So much talent right here, are we right!?

The Grogans – Quin, Angus and Jordan listed their top 5 Aussie Bands Of All Time for Good Call Live:

  •  JET – Although we all have slightly different musical backgrounds, we all grew up loving Jet. Their album ‘Get Born’ is one of our favourite albums of all time. Such a good hype up album but also a good variety of heavier and mellower tracks on it. 

  • AC/DC – Safe to say that AC/DC are a favourite for many Aussies! Just straight driving rock n roll. So many Aussie anthems that get you up and going. If we ever need to get seriously hyped we’ll chuck on Let There Be Rock and it does the trick 100% of the time. Hearing Angus Young play is a huge reason I started playing guitar in the first place. 

  • SKEGGS – Skeggs have been the soundtrack for many Australians for some years now, and we have a huge respect for them as a band. They, in a way, created this new genre of Australian surf rock along with other bands. From their first release up until now, they still seem to be so true to themselves and relaxed, something that we strive to achieve. Not only that but they write bangers after bangers.

  • JULIA JACKLIN – Julia Jacklin is definitely one of our favourite artists as she has an amazing ability to story tell in such an Australian way. A lot of her songs are gentle but have deeper meanings of personal experience, which makes her songs so relatable. She sings and plays her music with such honesty and simplicity. 

  • TAME IMPALA- Tame is loved by many around the world, and so they should be. But we are in love with older Tame Impala records. Not to say the new records aren’t amazing. We just gravitate to the early fuzz /  psychedelic sounds he produced. In saying that we have so much respect for tame to see them grow and change into what they are as a band now. Kevin Parker’s drum sounds are so wild and nostalgic yet so massive. He brought back this sick sounding 60s psychedelic rock. 

Huge thanks to the guys for giving us some insight into their fave Aussie bands! We love who they chose! Who would you pick as your top 5??

The Grogans – ‘Day / To / Day’ is OUT NOW

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