EP REVIEW: Spkezy – ‘Midnight Club’

Words by Sam Townsend{Melting Wax Photography}

Those of us on the mainland know Tasmania does things a little differently, and four-piece alt-pop rockers Spkezy (pronounced Speak Easy) are no exception.  A fusion of dark pop, alternative rock, and saturated with synth elements, ‘Midnight Club’ is the debut EP from four accomplished musicians in their own rights who’ve joined together to create Spkezy. 

Having already released two standalone singles earlier this year, forthcoming EP ‘Midnight Club’ is a six-track emotional ride traversing futuristic EDM, pop melodies, R&B Hooks, and driving rock.

‘Midnight Club’ opens with Amphetamine and much like it’s namesake, is an intoxicating 3:07 electro-pop track blended with alternative rock.  Amphetamine pulses through your veins with a satisfying release at the chorus – it is most definitely a banger!  Fittingly, slow jam Comedown Blues follows, and emphasises Spkezy’s strong command of the alternative rock genre, complete with grunge-tastic chorus.  It’s throughout Comedown Blues I really start to sit up and take notice of the production on this EP – it’s both raw and yet polished at the same time.

Lead single Dopesick (released early October 2020) is about the struggle of substance abuse and embodies Spkezy’s somewhat signature sound; part pop, part EDM, though always with that underlying, brutal rock.  Second offering Fever Dream goes heavier on all these elements, with a pure EDM pulse throughout and a chorus which hits you right in the chest.  Much like Amphetamine, Fever Dream is catchy as hell and has become an earworm for me.  The accompanying visual clip is similarly hypnotising, and really is a testament to how well produced this EP is from every aspect; Spkezy have been very hands-on and it shows through the cohesiveness of both sound and visual.

Hit My Line slows things down again with a distinctive rock sound though still contains hints of EDM.  For me, this was a really interesting song to listen to on repeat – each time hearing something new and marvelling at the intricate craftsmanship of a Spkezy song, wondering how long it took to reach this final product. 

‘Midnight Club’ closes with Seen; a vulnerable, reflective and emotionally controlled track.  I expected a ‘drop’ though it never came – fitting in that the lyrics of Seen speak of wanting clarity though never receiving it.  Seen is especially satisfying in that it brings the EP full circle, and to a cohesive finish. 

At first glance, the track titles for Midnight Club’ could easily lead you to believe the EP is dark and bleak, and true, whilst some of the lyrics do touch on darker subject matter, ‘Midnight Club’ is also a collection of love songs shown through the lens of Spkezy.  Having full control over all aspects of their release has definitely worked well in Spkezy’s favour – experimenting with multiple different instruments and elements means ‘Midnight Club’ has something to offer almost everyone.

Fans of Bring Me The Horizon, Northlane and Hellions will relish Spkezy’s ‘Midnight Club’ though should also be seriously impressed by what the very hands-on group (all mixing, mastering, artwork and design came from the group) have ultimately achieved: an exciting offering which is completely true to genre-bending Spkezy.  Whatever this dynamic group does next, there’s no doubt Spkezy will continue to forge their own path and do Tasmania proud.

‘Midnight Club’ Tracklist:

  1. Amphetamine
  2. Comedown Blues
  3. Dopesick
  4. Fever Dream
  5. Hit My Line
  6. Seen

‘Midnight Club’ is out now!

Spkezy is:
Luke Vaessen (Vocals) 
Joel Hallam (Guitar/Samples/Keyboards) 
Owen Broad (Drums) 
Ryan Barker (Bass) 

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