ULTRA DUDE Makes Debut With Indie Rock Tune ‘New Haircut’

Gold Coast based indie rock artist, Ultra Dude bursts onto the scene with debut track New Haircut, a story of alienation and hopelessness juxtaposed by humorous overtones.

The Japanese-Australian artist has created a track, taking inspiration from artists such as fellow Brisbane favourites Last Dinosaurs, Ultra Dude has developed a song filled with catchy melodies and crisp guitar riffs synonymous with indie-rock. To create his artist name, he reminisces about his childhood: “Ultra Dude is a play on words. There is a Japanese superhero named “Ultra Man” that I loved as a kid and collected all the action figures. Changed the “Man” to “dude” because I’m a surfer from the gold coast,” Ultra Dude explains. 

Whilst he appears as a newcomer, he is no stranger to the music scene, having played in previous bands before making a return as a solo artist. He goes on to tell: “Reason for starting a solo project was because I was sick of working in bands and wanted to be creative on my own and self-sufficient. I was in a band prior and when it didn’t work out, I didn’t want to continue making music. My trip to Lombok reignited my passion.

Only his first release, with more on the way, join Ultra dude as he makes his debut into the indie rock scene.

New Haircut is out NOW.


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