MATIAH Releases New EP + New Music Video ‘Ember’

“Angelic” falls short when describing the power and restraint; the range and depth of one of the most promising mezzo-sopranos in the realm of Piano-driven Alternative Rock—Adelaide-based artist Matiah. After releasing an Electronic Pop single earlier this year, Australia’s very own ascending Angel of sweet gothic-synth music is back with fire-themed EP ‘Ember’, now available in all streaming platforms. 

The four-track project was written, produced, and recorded by Matiah herself in her own home studio. In here, Matiah uses the imagery of consuming flames as the powerful shadow of darkness that eventually ends in ashes. It is the central narrative that flows through all the songs, overlaid in soft presses of piano, which accentuates Matiah’s shivering and mesmerizing vocals, instead of drowning it by an oversaturated background. The production comes out as sensitive, grounded, and balanced—showing the artist’s deep understanding of her craft. 

The EP opens with the title track Ember, setting the exposition of erratically burning fire, and of embers flying and fading away. It was Matiah’s way of acknowledging the negative power of someone over her, and of confronting its dark and heavy impact. The story progresses smoothly with a softer second track Let It Burn, as her way of surrendering to the dark shadow’s temporary victory. Dark Fire follows, with the battle between light and shade—of romanticizing the darkness, until finally waking up to put the past to rest, and being reborn from the Ashes. 

From the little girl who used to dance to her Dad’s old blues records and taught herself how to play an antique, out of tune piano that she could barely reach, Matiah has come a long way. She burst onto the spotlight in 2017 as a lead singer during a Future Sounds event and thereafter played in an ensemble during WOMAD 2018. Indeed, music is Matiah’s way of empowering others to bring out the fire within

“If there’s one message people can take from my music, it is that you can create your art and stay true to yourself while doing it. I want people to hear my music and know that everything I create is from the heart and I hope they can relate through their own experiences.”—Matiah 

This girl is definitely on fire, and even the pandemic cannot extinguish her flames. Matiah is only beginning to shine her light, so make sure to follow her socials down below for more updates! 

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