ALBUM REVIEW: SHACKLΣS – ‘Hatred’s Reservoir’

Words by Carly Gibbs

In stark musical contrast to their surrounding landscape, Byron Bay’s brutal hardcore outfit, SHACKLΣS, have vehemently returned and are savagely unleashing their new LP ‘Hatred’s Reservoir’ on Friday November 6th through Resist Records.  It has been 3 years since the band released their last LP, ‘Lifeless Paradise’ and fans are waiting eagerly, like hungry baby birds, to receive the filthy nourishment from this reservoir full to the brim of hatred.  It’s a genre melding Frankenstein comprised of meaty slabs taken from Death Metal, Grindcore, Hardcore and Power Violence and even though it’s 13 tracks long, it is a relatively quick play through with tracks averaging about one minute fifty each.  Hard and fast, that’s how I like it and if you do too, then this will not disappoint. 

The title track comes out swinging from the first screech of feedback.  It tears through my headphones and I feel myself sitting a little straighter, a pang of excitement hits my gut from the sheer blunt force that is being delivered.  The lyrical content echoes the current political climate, with leaders who are supposed to inspire and be a conduit for peace but instead would prefer to perpetuate conflict with perverse ideas and self-promotion resulting in the World being “totally immersed”, drowning in a broken reservoir of hatred.  

“Hungry for Conflict, thirsting for unrest
Ghoulish figures, perverse ideas
Lapping at the shores of hatreds reservoir”

Ribcage Renovation has to be one of the best titles for a track that I’ve heard in a while!  Once mosh pits rise like a phoenix from the Covid ashes there will surely be some newly renovated ribcages dragging themselves from the SHACKLΣS pit.  That same ferocity is felt across the whole album, unrelenting in its seething abhorrence, exemplified on tracks Not as They Appear and Beneath the Mask. 

The driving bottom end that is so characteristic of hardcore propels Propagandists Demise, which boasts a hefty breakdown for those with a penchant for a few cheeky roundhouses and windmills thrown into the crowd. 

There is such venom in the growls and vocals and it seems that in Left to Fester they take a slightly darker and more sinister turn.  Partnered with a riff that is pure death in the middle of the track, this mutated beast is all the stronger for it being dismembered and skilfully stitched back together with a rusty metal wire. 

That white hot intensity continues with The Discarded Sheath of Political Aims before taking a turn down a blackened sludge alleyway full of distortion and the repetitive mantra of C.S Lewis reciting “We shall be fixed forever in a universe of pure hatred”. 

Whether the Yoke of the Ideologue has been written from the stance of an ideology that the band resonate with or an adverse standpoint is unclear without being able to dive deeper into the lyrics but it entirely clear that the vigour in which the track is delivered is a definite force to be reckoned with. 

Nearing the end of the LP and the pummeling that SHACKLΣS have issued up until now has been severely violent.  Idiot Automaton is no different and is a fantastic example of how to create something that is extremely powerful in both its ferocity and variation without sacrificing one for the other.

The beginning of the end under the guise of In the Absence of…..  The stomp on this is filthy and as weighty as a mother fucker (sorry Mum’s!) and is a heaving way to close out a killer album. 

‘Hatred’s Reservoir’ is an absolute behemoth of an offering from SHACKLΣS and if you like Nails, Infest, Mindsnare, Extortion, Weekend Nachos or anyone in between you would be remiss not to give this a solid flogging when it is out this week. 

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