SAMMM. Drops Abstract + Romantic Music Video For ‘Faye’

“Lovely, jangle pop paired with lyrics that have real bite!” – Caz Tran, Double J

“Existential crisis but make it dreamy. I like the frenzied, stream-of-consciousness energy in the vocals against the measured guitars.” Lucy Smith, Triple J

“It’s part kooky off beat rock and part lush coastal charm and the combo works well.” – Declan Byrne, Triple J

“I like the sound here makes me feel like someone’s spiralling down and out, off the rails in a dreamy/pretty twisted way.” – Ilai Swindells, Triple J

“It’s an emotional journey for any viewer, but also a warning that though everything may seem fine, we never really know what’s going on with those around us.” – Blunt Mag

“As elegant as it is angsty, the single channels the style of bands like The War On Drugs and Real Estate with ease.” – AU Review

“Woozy strumming guitars, lo-fi drums and sweeping chord progressions. Add to this Sammm’s perfect vocal delivery and you’ve got a hit.” – AAA Backstage

Four Eyes music video added to RAGE playlist.

Sammm. has just released his new EP ‘Fresh Sheet Feeling’ (Out October 16) and today he is dropping his romantic, abstract and light-hearted music video for the lead single Faye – watch here.

Furthering the sentiments found in Sammm.’s dreamy indie-rock slow-burner of a lead single, this music clip delves into a romance between Sam and his lover – visually representing both the reality of the relationship and the internalised thoughts inside Sam’s head. 

Fittingly for this altern, slow-dancing number, videographer Phoebe Faye has used a VHS camcorder to capture moments between Sam Geddes and depicted lover (played by Millie Khalu) to represent the best moments of the relationship pre-breakup.

This is then contrasted by HD footage in a fabricated romantic studio setting that is tense, abstract and mysterious. This studio set represents, as Geddes states, “It’s inside my mind, where Faye is constantly annoying me, on the edge of all my thoughts, taking control of my work.”

The ominous vibe that is generated from the studio scene is offset by the light-hearted nature and wholesome moments where these two lovers are just having fun in each others company. Captured out in the Queensland porch, back yard and at a bench on the curb, these two burst with joy as they playfully tease each other and wrestle alongside the final minute of celebratory jangle-pop.

Sammm.’s singles and EP ‘Fresh Sheet Feeling’ and have seen welcomed support from Double JtheMusic, Blunt Mag, AU ReviewScenestrAus Music SceneAAA BackstageABC Rage and more. 

‘Fresh Sheet Feeling’ is out now.


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