ORDER 69 Release Video For ‘Fire and Fuel’

Germany based rock trio, Order 69 have released a new self titled album and have delivered ten songs that are little like a pre-loved warm coat; you feel at home in its well worn comfort and you love it precisely because it scratches in places: with the sounds of the particularly great and experimental times of British Rock’n’Roll. You simply get caught up in this music and don’t want to go out again.

The demanding distorted bass and the virtuoso drums pump confidently and powerfully through the songs. Together with guitar riffs, bubbling like lava, which you just have to get too close to because it’s so gosh darn hot, forming a feverish foundation for the vocals. Lyrics that tell a story and are delivered with heart and soul.

This is real rock and roll. Sexy, smooth and leaving you wanting more.

Order 69 have released a new music video for the song Fire and Fuel.

Ramin Safarabadi –  Vocals & Guitar
Kenan Özdemir – Bass
Levent Özdemir  – Drums

Order 69 are from Münster, Germany and are a breath of fresh air for everyone who likes rock music with a good portion of party. Like fire and gasoline, rhythm brothers Özdemir and lead singer Ramin harmonize together on stage. Their connection forms an independent soul that carries over to the music and inspires. Their love for blues meets dirty rock combined with the raw energy of youth is how the band creates their sound.

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