JEAN DAWSON Releases New Album + Drops New Video

“[Jean Dawson] is one my favorite, new discoveries of the past year.” – NPR

“He just makes the music he wants to see in the world, for people like him: the outsiders, the latchkey kids, the non-conformists.” – i-D

“Jean Dawson is having the most fun with his music. His blend of pop melodies and hip-hop production is perfect for 2020.” – FADER

“Jean Dawson is a rare artistic breed.” – HYPEBEAST

“In this landscape, Dawson truly is an outlier, not because his songs are patently defined (they’re not) or because his look is easily summarized (it’s not). Dawson knows who he is, even as he exists as many elements at once. He’s the rare visionary.” – MTV NEWS

“Raised on the cultural border between Mexico and the US, his vibrant approach to music-making isn’t about bending genres for the heck of it, but about being honest to himself and the group of outsiders drawn to his creative expression.” – NME

“Dawson’s debut sounds like one of the most sophisticated DIY art projects of the year. We’re so used to genre-blending that almost nothing surprises anymore, but Dawson pulls off something unexpected in every song.” – Pigeons & Planes / COMPLEX

Arguably the industry’s best-kept secret, experimental LA pop polymath Jean Dawson has revealed his latest album, ‘Pixel Bath’, out via Dew Process. Alongside the album, Jean shares a riveting new video for Devilish, a stunning visual directed by Zachary Bailey, with creative direction by Jean Dawson and premiered on Zane Lowe’s Apple Music’s Beats 1 radio show

‘Pixel Bath’ pilots listeners to wild and dizzying heights, putting forth a beautiful and stirring exploration of masculinity and identity. Melding aggression and emotion into a blistering score for our modern era, Jean Dawson effortlessly delivers diabolically catchy hooks with loving care as he explores new sonic realms and moves seamlessly through pop, punk, hip hop, and experimental sounds. Composed with the intention to create a “soundtrack for a Black coming-of-age film that never ends”, the album features his frequent collaborator and producer Zach Fogarty, alongside A$AP Rocky, Psymun, Jim-E Stack, Hoskins, 23rd, Lecx Stacy, Blake Slatkin, Gabe Wax, Nick León, and many more members of Jean‘s musical family. Filled with thugged-out punk anthems, love songs and anti-cop ballads, ‘Pixel Bath’ arrives as an extremely ambitious album for an exquisitely anxious era. Crafting a sonic dreamscape featuring previous singles, Bruiseboy, Power Freaks, Clear Bones, Starface* and the latest highlight Triple Double feat. A$AP Rocky, the experimental pop titan continues to inspire a generation of young artists and musicians at every turn. 

Jean represents a movement, pushing forth a generation of kids straddling multiple cultures and worlds that don’t fit into a box. His music serves as a score for the life-and-times of kids like him (us), resulting in critical acclaim from NPR, i-DThe FADER, PAPER Magazine, Pigeons & Planes, NME, MTV News, Remezcla, HYPEBEAST, Essence and Nylon, as well as performances alongside 100gecs, YEEK, Deb Never, MAXO, Cailin Russo and many others over the past year alone. 

At 24 years old, Jean has developed a creative identity that is equal parts a musician and a visual artist. Half Mexican and half Black, he was raised in Tijuana and San Diego near the border, where his love for music blossomed during his five hour daily treks across the Mexican / American border to attend school in the U.S. Spending his formative years listening to rock, rap and the Latin sounds around him, he began recording and performing at the age of 14, inspired by Nirvana, Mike Jones, Beach Fossils, Kanye West, The Smiths, Outkast, N.E.R.D. and 50 Cent. Raised by a single working-class Mexican mother, he leaned into art and began challenging the notions of hyper-masculinity that line Mexican and Black cultures, culminating in his 2019 album ‘Bad Sports’ which discusses these notions and touches on intimacy, anxiety and pressing against social norms.

Exploring the limits of bending genres to their breaking point, Jean Dawson captures the inspired chaos and powerful coherence that comes from personal growth and in doing so, has gifted a body of work that speaks to these incredibly unpredictable times. Press play on ‘Pixel Bath’ and uncover the emotionally captivating, awe-inspiring lyricism of experimental pop’s next big thing. 


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