SMALLEST HORSE Wonder ‘How To Be Human’ With New Single

Smallest Horse are a folk-punk band from Brisbane, Australia. They sing and shout about cute dogs and starting families, and also about dealing with loss and moving forward. Combining heart, laughter, misery and a helping of ukulele, the band’s unique sound has seen them release 2 EP’s including multiple songs in 4ZZZ’s Hot 100. The band are returning once again, this time with How To Be Human which is out NOW!

Recorded with Cameron Smith at Incremental Records, the song (and the band), draws heavy inspiration from Kimya DawsonThe Front Bottoms and Frightened Rabbit sonically as well as their direct lyrical style. “How To Be a Human is mostly a story that isn’t ours” Sam Pudding from the band explains, “It was told to me by a friend. At the time I was adjusting to becoming a father. My whole world was changing. I had no time to go out and see people, or do anything for myself. I took our friend’s strange and somewhat depressing story and used it to write this song. How To Be A Human is to remind me that the grass isn’t always greener, and that everything I needed and wanted was already right in front of me.”

With 2 EP’s to their name, ‘The Goodonya’ (2018) and ‘The New Farm Sharks’ (2019), Smallest Horse’s unique songwriting style has been described as ‘uke emo’, ‘story shouting’, and ‘punk poems’. Their debut single Dogs from Gumtree came in at #44 in 4ZZZ’s Hot 100 of 2017 before their I Can Tell single from ‘The New Farm Sharks’ EP chalked up #25 in 4ZZZ’s Hot 100 of 2019. The band’s live shows have won over listeners wherever they play, including support slots for The Pretty Littles, Sly Withers, Sarah Benaim as well as festival performances at Sonic Masala & Ruckus Festivals

Smallest Horse are candid and comical. They are serious and scared. They know the world is beautiful even though it is flawed, and they’re going to write and sing about it.

Listen to How To Be Human NOW!


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