DAMIEN JOHNSON Releases Aptly Timed Politically Charged Single ‘Power’

Creating an industrial/electro ruckus out of Ipswich QLD, Damien Johnson has been holed up in 2020 creating poignant social commentaries through his last few singles Enemy and Crowd In My Hands. Dripping with electronic and industrial influences, Johnson’s new single Power takes a microphone to the power in politics. 

Written, recorded and produced by Damien & mixed by Nathan Gold in Texas, USA, the song was born from Johnson’s thoughts on #blacklivesmatter movement and police corruption as a whole as he explains, “When I first heard about what had happened to George Floyd, and saw the footage, I was livid. I couldn’t believe that this was happening in the world…and then I dug deeper and found more examples of police brutality, government suppression of lower-socio-economic groups and racial inequality, and I was enraged.”

“‘Power’ was birthed as an anthem to my anger and reminder that true power does not rest with individuals or governments or corrupt systems – it is with the people. The law and the authorities are there to serve us…all of us…no matter of our race, gender, bank balance or job title…and it they aren’t serving us, but are rather serving themselves, we can freely choose to overthrow those systems and reject those laws. We have the power.” – 
Damien Johnson

When Damien isn’t skydiving or working as a nude model, you can catch him playing festivals like Ergon Energy Flower Food & Wine, Streets & Lanes, and Toowoomba’s Walton Stores performing his live, captivating shows, relating to people far and wide.

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