STEPHEN GRADY Unveils The Title Track From Forthcoming Album ‘Wonder’

Stephen Grady’s Wonder is out now! It’s the title track from his new album ‘Wonder’ – out October 23.

“Wonder is the title track from the album and the song I’m most proud of to date. The story behind it: I, along with two of my mates, went on an epic road trip last August across Victoria, South Australia, and the Northern Territory where we visited Uluru. I was shocked and saddened at the lack of respect shown to the traditional landowners, the Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people, with hundreds of people in such a hurry to climb it and disregarding the clear request that they don’t. We kept our distance and marvelled at the sheer size and beauty of the rock and landscape, and experienced our own spiritual connection there. It got me thinking about our connection and sense of ownership to this land. ‘Wonder’ is a reaction to all of that; it’s a song dedicated to how vast and precious the Australian landscape truly is.“


Thanks to Thrillhill Music

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