GIG REVIEW: We Set Signals + Beth Lucas, Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage, 17/10/2020

Words by: Tracey Moyle – {Music Maven}

LIVE MUSIC IS BACK!! In an Epic way.

Brisbane punk/metalcore powerhouse We Set Signals launched their new album ‘ORDO’ at the Woolly Mammoth Mane Stage Saturday night in an epic return to live music. The current restrictions may have kept everyone in their seats but this local powerhouse played the Mane Stage like they were playing a stadium.

These local lads have a lot to celebrate far beyond just a return to that feeling of elation playing live exudes.  Their latest album ‘ORDO’ dropped a few weeks ago and last night celebrated that release. 

Things have started to fall into pace for these heavy hitters with American label We Are Triumphant signing them up last year, and in a show of unwavering faith, included them in their soon to be released album tribute to Linkin Park’s celebrated debut’s 20th Anniversary – ‘Hybrid Theory: An Encore’. The band opening the album with their version of epic track Papercut due for release October 24th.

The atmosphere at the ‘Mane Stage’ was electric.  Fans were up close and ready for the night to start and what a night it was.

The music opened up with the stunning vocals of Beth Lucas and her acoustic guitar capturing the room from the very start. Not only did she capture it, she held it right through her set.

She opened with Situations, a song embracing all the emotion of a classic pop punk track, reminiscent of Paramore and Tonight Alive in a big acoustic way. Lucas has a sweet power in her voice engaging the crowd from the start. New track Liability followed. She showed her versatility with Come Down touching on her country music influences and Sweet, the ‘relationship song’ highlighting her soul piercing range. The main acts front-man, Nick Wilkinson, joined her on stage with A Loss For Words giving the crowd more of that upbeat pop punk feel with Wilkinson’s vocals the perfect accompaniment. A cover of Maggie Rogers Light On next, then finishing off the set with Stay Young another song with a big injection of power within its sweetness. A enlivening burst of fresh air to lift everyone up ready for the power packed punch of the headliners.

After a brief ‘grab a drink or two’ pause, We Set Signals hit the stage in a mammoth way. They didn’t let the intimate venue soften the big show vibe. Red lights flashing, sample track filling the room, an intro with elements of past Linkin Park and Parkway Drive shows.  Wilkinson comes on stage first, kicking of the set with ‘ORDO’s’ opening track Give Me A Sign. As the frontman sung the band joined in on stage, opening up at the chorus with a punch. A brilliant start. The crowd were jumping in their seats. And there was no doubt staying seated was going to be the biggest challenge of the night.

Following the album track list they took us into We Want You, bringing out the aggression of the track live and loud. Nick’s ease of flowing from screaming through the verse to melodic vocals in the chorus, a mastered skill. The power and energy of WSS on stage gave no indication they were playing to a few hundred capacity venue. Taking us through new tracks I Wish I Wasn’t Right and Just Say Yes, they didn’t just play, they performed.  It could have been a festival crowd for all they cared.  They were putting their all in.  Even with every pause between tracks, backing ‘samples’ filled the space to keep the buzz high. They belted out their second single release from ‘ORDO’, Meet Me At The Starlight Drive-In. The band were as tight as you can get. Drummer Dion Amphlet kept a steady beat, following Shane Duncan on bass, keeping the rhythm on point, allowing guitars – Mark Braithwaite and Zac Gregson to come in with big riffs and solo’s to perfected timing.  

Next track Terminus and the seated crowd were finding their outlet, desperate to get into the intensity of the music, head banging and moving as much as they could in their seats.  It was a strange sight as a regular gig goer to see the balance between forced restraint, fighting with the explosive natural energy that music draws out in people.

The band took a very brief pause, the atmosphere was kept wired by the sound team, then back with the ferocious War Never Changes, Amphlet had complete rhythmic control over the pace with pauses and tempo changes coming together with perfection. Wilkinson’s vocals hit hard with perfected fervency, balancing intensity and control with flawless symmetry.

The pace was stripped back slightly with first single from the album Where Were You, getting full crowd participation in the best way they could. Followed by Beth Lucas lending her vocals, accompanying Wilkinson on stage, the pair joining in faultless harmony on We’ll Watch The World End and finishing the ‘ORDO’ set with latest single Aurora.

Finally, back for the anticipated encore they took fans back to earlier days with Remember Me and The Disconnect from their 2018 dual release ‘Abandon Ship/Abandon Hope’.

Tonight, We Set Signals gave fans a taste of what has been missing in our music loving souls this past year. They left the crowd with a glimmer of hope, lighting that spark that only live music can ignite in its own very powerful way.

ORDO is out now on all streaming services.
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