CHAOS DIVINE Release New Album ‘Legacies’

The concept of legacy has had increasingly more meaning for Chaos Divine as time has gone by. As one of the world’s finest progressive acts, they have secured their own legacy over the course of 15 years, three iconic albums, countless stage hours and a trophy cabinet full of awards and industry accolades. Added to this, with band members recently entering into the world of parenthood for the first time, ‘Legacies‘ has not only emerged as the most fitting title for their gargantuan fourth album, but the theme that threads everything together.

Leading with singles False Flags and UnspokenChaos Divine’s progressiveness has never come at the cost of their songwriting, nor have their penchants for brutality and melody ever been at odds with one another. True to this, Legacies finds the band galvanizing the crushing heaviness of their early work with the musicality and atmosphere of their 2015 masterpiece ‘Colliding Skies.’

Each Chaos Divine album has built upon the one that came before it. 2008’s ‘Avalon‘ took the heaviness of debut EP ‘Ratio‘ to lofty new places. Its follow up ‘The Human Connection‘ (2011) was the perfect bridge between sheer heaviness and the increasingly more progressive sound that would define ‘Colliding Skies.’ Honouring this tradition, the band have raised the bar yet again with ‘Legacies.’ 

Visceral and emotional, ‘Legacies’ captures Chaos Divine at their absolute best – due in no small part to the skilled production team of Forrester SavellBrody SimpsonTroy Nababan
 and Simon Mitchell

As live performers, Chaos Divine ascended from the ranks of a ‘local band’ to that of a national and then international touring act – growing from a sought-after support into a towering headliner. They have earned coveted spots on festivals in Australia and Europe, have been met with chart positions, radio play, and a global following that is beyond loyal. Now, led by the soaring feature track and album opener Instincts, Chaos Divine return with ‘Legacies’ in hand – their most ambitious, virtuosic album, and a testament to their own enduring legacy as Australia’s most formidable progressive band.

“Chaos Divine have left no doubt now that they need to be mentioned alongside the giants of the genre of Progressive music.” 10/10 Metal Temple

“Powerful, progressive, interesting and accessible all at once.” Beat Magazine

“One of Australia’s finest heavy/progressive acts. Their sound is immense.” Heavy Mag

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