AshenMoon are fast establishing themselves as a rock powerhouse – having already released 4 stunning singles for Golden Robot Records, the 4-piece has now released their long awaited debut EP, ‘UMBRA I.’

Echoing melodies of protest and liberation, ‘UMBRA I’ is a reflective monologue drawing on human connection and environmental condition.  Anthemic, yet magnetically intimate, Rand’s vocals traverse over the undeniable grooves of Beers (former INXS bassist) whilst Khoury’s guitars shine with soulful glee. Beers’ undeniable rhythm and swagger highlight the evolution of his songwriting & experience since the last INXS record. Mixer (multi-Grammy winner) David Reitzas captures the raw energy of the live instrumentation and fuses AM’s sound. An electrifying mixture of 70’s, new-wave and modern rock. 

The first installment of a 2-part EP release, ‘UMBRA I’ draws on Rand’s longing for inner and outer peace. With the world constantly facing new turmoil’s, his motto “The World Outside Is Born Within” is evident in the lyrical yearning for unity. AM’s underlying theme of self-discovery and sifting through the darkness in your mind will have you thinking of ways to overcome your battles and find your voice – Apt for the current climate we live in.  

Recorded in several iconic LA studios, AshenMoon’s debut will have you pumping your fist, swinging your hips and quietly exploring your mind. Influenced by Gary BeersINXSJimmy Khoury‘s experience touring with Beth Hart and working with Tom Petty’s HeartBreakers, AM creates a platform for Toby Rand’s ability to seek the emotion of Buckley, yet roar, like Plant and Cornell before him – all held together by newest member, Zak St John, on drums.

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