THEREIN Set To Release New Album ‘Aramitama’

This isn’t your typical prog band. This is a band that has been experimenting with, and defining their own unique brand of metal for almost a decade. This is Therein. A mainstay of the Brisbane scene for many years, they have wowed audiences both here and overseas with their sometimes brutal, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes pretentious (in their own words), sometimes quirky, but always talented tunes. Now, after pushing the release back due to the pandemic, the band have decided that they will wait no more and they are ready to release ‘Aramitama’, the album they have worked on in pieces since 2015. ‘Aramitama’ follows their debut album ‘Nobelium’, and while it does include all of the music from their live catalogue, it also focuses on a transition from their previous bassist Krishan Meepe to their current bassist Charlie Limpus with songs featuring on the album that were written at the time of the final recording. Effectively ‘Aramitama’ closes a door on the previous chapter of the life of the band and opens the new one to the future of Therein

And to celebrate the upcoming release of the album, the band have also released the music video for the latest single Through The Threshold.
Animated and produced by Cameron Whelan, you can check it out below!

‘Aramitama’ not only showcases the music they have created, but the artwork of the album holds a very special place in their hearts. 

The artwork comes from a painting that was done for us by Fuyou Nagashima. We were playing the last show of our very first international tour in Japan, at TOKYO BEYOND Festival. Fuyou was doing live painting during the performances, and I believe she started this at the same time we started playing. After our set, we saw that she had painted us and we knew we had to buy it from her right then and there! It’s a pretty impressive painting when you consider that it was done roughly in 30 minutes,” Cameron Whelan, guitarist and composer of Therein explains.

We knew instantly that this was the artwork we had been looking for. Everything about it worked. It was spontaneous, organic, and really felt iconic to us”.  

The painting, titled Four Souls by Nagashima, also holds the inspiration for the name of the album – ‘Aramitama’ – which loosely translates to ‘rude soul’ and is part of the ‘Mitama’ or four souls.  

Being the pretentious wanker that I am, I thought ‘Four Souls’ held a deeper meaning and so I attributed it to a Shinto theory called ‘Ichirei Shikon’ – an idea that the spirit of Kami and of human beings is made up of one spirit and four souls. Each of the souls is supposed to have it’s own function/identity, and their names are ‘Nigimitama’, ‘Sakimitama’, ‘Kushimitama’, and ‘Aramitama’. But turns it out it was called ‘four souls’ because well, there were four of us!” Whelan explains. 

We settled on naming the album after ‘Aramitama’ as it represents the turbulent, rough, or even violent side of the spirit. And that’s metal as fuck. It also kind of fits with how turbulent the music can be across the album. It just really resonated,” he continues.

With the exception of the artwork, the rest of the album was done in-house with Whelan taking care of the recording and mixing, and the mastering handled by their former bassist Meepe. 

And when it comes to the theme of the album, well there is no theme, except maybe chaos, with the lyrics being very varied, turbulent and downright weird sometimes, which is just the way they like it.

“The subject matter is all over the shop!” Whelan laughs. 

The topics include such things as losing control because of addiction, (The Crawling Chaos), how brushtail possums are the fucking worst (Furry Lil Demons), that point where you are exactly in between dreaming and waking up (Through The Threshold), a meteorite’s journey through space before ultimately crash landing on earth (ALH84001), and being a piece of shit who can’t do anything right (funnily enough, the song titled: Piece of Shit).

It’s a wild ride through the last eight years of the Therein consciousness, but it’s definitely one that’s worth taking. 

Four Souls Painting – Fuyou Nagashima.


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