SUN TRAITORS Shred It ‘Down To The Wire’ With New Single

Everything about to Sun Traitors latest release, Down To The Wire, has been cutting it fine. A surprise extra single after the extended lockdown in Melbourne has delayed their second EP’s release. The tiro showcases their classic hard rock stylings with epic shreds and a gruff vocal performance from Jim.

Hey! Now the tide has turned
Nothing to say but who’s been burnt? 
Hey! Who’s laughing now?
It’s over!

Down To The Wire

Down To The Wire takes a journey from feeling dejected to an anthem turning point once all the hard work and torment has paid off. A song for the times and a feeling we have all felt! Headstone Records founder, Dave Warner, recorded Sun Traitors tunes at the home base Studio One.Be after the guys had spent years rehearsing and supporting other artists out of the studio. Sun Traitors live by the community spirit fostered by Headstone turning up to everyone’s gigs and throttling their mate’s tunes into the spotlight. So it’s an absolute pleasure to return the favour!

Listen to Down To The Wire HERE

The upcoming EP set to release in late November, showcases a new musical side to the trio, stacking riffs, hooks, solos, breakdowns, and interesting twists to create a fierce wall of sound. Merging elements of prog into their heavy grunge sound has created an exciting direction for the band. In light of not being able to tour, the EP will be live-streamed for premiere before eventually being toured when they’re allowed too. 

Down To The Wire is available now on all streaming servies.

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With thanks to Headstone Records

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