KHAMSIN Drops ‘A Lifetime Staring At You’ From Debut LP ‘Led By The Sun’

French electronic artist Khamsin showcases his rising creative vision on his triumphant new single A Lifetime Staring At You, the final installment from his new project ‘Led By The Sun’. 

Combining pulsing synth patterns with warped electronic rhythms, A Lifetime Staring At You is a cinematic spectacle. Breaking down expectations and dismantling boundaries with every throbbing note, Khamsin weaves a vivacious spirit through the track, fusing his expansive influences to form a refreshingly unique sound. 

“I remember the exact day I wrote this song”, Khamsin offers. “I knew the relationship I was in was coming to an end and I was weirdly relieved. There is so much stress and anxiety around a crumbling relationship, and while it is very sad, at some point you just want to move past it. I was trying to focus on the positive side of this and I discovered that, despite the end of us, I was changed in a good way. I grew from the experience.”

”I am happy and proud of this work because I feel like it’s a great representation of both my roots as well as my evolution as an artist, all coming together as a beautiful final project. I picture it as the beginning of a new chapter as Khamsin, it establishes the foundations of my new sound, and gives listeners context into my creative process. Whatever your own personal dream may be, Led By The Sun will guide and remind you that every step of your journey, even heartbreak, is worth living through”. 

With A Lifetime Staring At You coming as the latest in a series of singles from the French artist, Khamsin has recently been making a name for himself with his distinct approach to music production. Having developed a passion for blending the lines between genres, a sentiment that is echoed throughout his debut album, Khamsin is ready to surpass expectations and develop his own unique space within the electronic music scene.

Released alongside his ten track LP ‘Led By The Sun’, A Lifetime Staring At You is indication of an artist who has confidently discovered their sound. 

A Lifetime Staring At You is OUT NOW


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