MALINA CLAIRE Returns With Cinematic Dreamscape Ballad ‘Window’

Just over a year since her last release, Darling, Malina Claire has returned with an even more cinematic and emotional ballad, Window. Inspired by elements of Lana Del Rey, Perfume Genius, QUEEN and Montaigne, she has effectively created not only a single, but an emotional experience. Centered around the concept of loneliness, the song begins with only Malina’s vocals and a simplistic piano melody. 

You wake up, but your eyes stare out the window. Please turn around. I’m here. But your eyes stare out the window”.

Through disregarding traditional songwriting structure, Malina uses production, dynamic and vocal range to convey the message, rather than relying on lyricism alone.

“I wrote Window very much as a kind of continuation to my song Scintilla. Particularly the lyric “You always turn from me when you sleep. I’ll let you take up as much space as you need. I just wish you’d look at me” which very much sets the scene for this track. It is an example of a moment in a relationship where I knew he didn’t want to be with me anymore, particularly through very obvious body language such as turning away from me when we went to sleep, choosing to face the window instead of facing me. The middle section kind of represents what was going through my head at the time, this overpowering sense of helplessness, and wanting to scream out “I’m here!”, an almost pathetic longing to save the connection that was once there.” 

Window is released with an accompanying music video which moves in 3 parts along with the music. Filmed during social isolation, it was filmed in Malina’s bedroom with only herself, some flowers and projector. The beginning shows happy, loved-up imagery, using yellows and other colours to symbolise content. She smells flowers, presumably gifted to her by a loved one. As the music begins to grow, she begins to slowly pull out pieces of the flowers, as the imagery grows darker and you can see her idea of the romance falling apart. As the music peaks, the imagery shifts from the sweet images from the beginning to darker imagery as an overly appears. The cuts are jolty and sudden, representing the delusion disintegrating, much like Sylvia Plath’s Mad Girl’s Love Song. The video finishes on much lighter imagery, switching from fire to calm- Malina can begin to move on now she has accepted her reality. The word’s “I’m here” appear over her head. 

Elegant and alluring, Malina Claire invites you into her most vulnerable, darkest mindsets. With a taste for all things orchestral and introspective, she approaches her music with the cinematic stylings of Lana Del Rey, the emotion of Fiona Apple and the production integrity of Perfume Genius. Let her take you through her hardest moments, her inklings of hope and everything in between on her journey for self-discovery, emotional recovery and truth.

Window is available on all platforms today, October 9th

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