KING PARROT Release New EP ‘Holed Up In The Lair’ + New Animated Video For ‘Kick Up A Stink’

King Parrot have just released their scorching new 7-inch EP ‘Holed Up In The Lair’ and in true KP fashion, it’s accompanied with a killer new music video for the track Kick Up A Stink to go with it.

King Parrot have a fierce reputation for delivering highly engaging, original and at times downright twisted music videos. Playing off the ragtag bunch of characters that make up the band, it always makes for compelling viewing. This time around the boys are created as animes with the exceptionally talented artist Mike Foxall providing the incredible and downright hilarious animation. Usual suspect/cult hero Slatts Everyday finds himself in a dilemma after running out of bog roll. Chaos ensues as he becomes entwined in a ‘shitty situation’, with a tongue in cheek jibe at the state of the world’s current affairs.

Matt Young states:
“When the opportunity arose to work with Mike Foxall on a new video we couldn’t pass it up. We were already fans of his artwork and his videos are awesome. His style meshes seamlessly with what we do, so it made sense to get this collaboration underway. The result speaks for itself, another chapter of King Parrot absurdity”. We won’t say too much more about it, but once again King Parrot don’t disappoint. Watch the clip and witness the wizardry of cinematography for yourself.

The EP ‘Holed Up In The Lair’ was titled in homage to the legendary Nodferatu’s Lair recording studio in Louisiana USA where it came to life. The band had four days off while on tour back in 2017, and in just four days fully wrote and recorded the entire thing. What we ended up with was four blistering tracks of thrashed out grinding punk rock fury that is completely King Parrot through and through. A snapshot in time of what the guys can produce out of seemingly thin air when thrown into a studio at the last minute. With guest vocals, on the track Nor Is Yours from Phil Anselmo and a bunch of blasting King Parrot riffs and carnage, strap yourself in to get your head torn off once again from the Australian masters of all things grind. 

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