DORAH JACSON Releases Long Awaited EP

After a momentous two years of firsts playing festivals such as Big Pineapple Music Festival, getting  Triple J airplay, releasing her first singles, and supporting some of her favourite artists such as AYLA and CLEWS, Dorah Jacson releases her long-awaited debut EP ‘Lie Awake’.  

For those that are new to her music, Dorah Jacson delivers songbird-like vocals, accompanied by  driving guitar licks and powerful drums, all forming her own dark and dreamy stylings of indie, pop,  and alt-rock. Her singer-songwriter style lyrics are heartfelt, yet whimsical, and she leaves many  caught in her captivatingly powerful delivery at live performances. 

Earlier this year she released the title track of the EP, as well as the emotionally charged Lurking, speaking out about the harassment many women experience not just in the music industry, but  everywhere. 

The EP itself was mostly written over 4 years ago in her family’s studio in Caloundra. Having just  finished school, Jacson was beginning to experience the craziness and rawness of the real world,  through new experiences and relationships, and she found the only way to navigate how she was  feeling through this time of change was to write about it. Locked away in the dimly lit studio, she  spent hours on her loop pedal fleshing out melodies, beats and lyrics until songs were formed.

“I  was in my peak Tash Sultana phase at the time, so all I wanted to do was write these hugely layered  and textured songs, with heaps of different guitar parts and every vocal harmony I could think of.” 

Then, in April 2019, she went down to Rockinghorse Studios in Byron Bay and recorded the tracks  alongside her newly formed band and engineer/producer Nicholas Wilson (Wolfmother, Sticky  Fingers, Art vs. Science). There, the tracks found their new and final form with her band and the  guidance of Wilson adding the extra power and depth she’d dreamt of having in her music.  

She describes her songwriting as deeply personal, saying “I find it really hard to just sit down and  write lyrics about anything I want. I pretty much only write after something has really impacted  me.”  

Listen to ‘Lie Awake’ HERE

Now with the return of live shows, Jacson is eager to return to the stage with her band to deliver  the high-power performance she has deeply missed over the lockdown period. She has booked a  mini headline tour to support the EP’s release, with a Sunshine Coast show at Solbar and a Brisbane  show at Black Bear Lodge. Both are to be announced on the EP release date and are expected to  sell quickly as tickets are limited. 


SOLBAR SHOW – OCTOBER 23RD w/ Big Blue Eyes 

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