Introducing COLLAR With Debut Single + EP – ‘Strangest Desires’

If Blade Runner 2049 had a club, COLLAR would be the house band. It’s industrial, it’s gothic, it’s electronic. It’s brooding and it’s dark. 

COLLAR is a way to give light to the things that shadow us, in order to be comfortable in our unrest. With a fully programmed lighting show, their live set toes the line between a grungy, dystopian rave and electrifying art installation. The brainchild of Charles Murdoch and Spencer White, COLLAR reveals their debut single Strangest Desires – the title track from their debut EP, available immediately.

Bold and self-assured, ‘Strangest Desires’ features White’s hypnotic vocals and fluttering rattlesnake-like synths. Tackling dark subject matter head-on, COLLAR’s ‘Strangest Desires’ uncovers the underbelly of being human – the raw, the dark, the restless.

When describing ‘Strangest Desires’, COLLAR says, “This was the second collaboration we did, and in some ways it cemented a darker direction in the music. It also really inspired and drove graphic and visual ideas that are part of the lights and effects visuals of our stage show.”

Arriving urgently, COLLAR’s debut, four-track EP of the same name (Strangest Desires) is the product of the electric push and shove between Murdoch’s immersive production and White’s intense lyricism and yearning vocals. 

After the title track, enters Euclid, the most immersive soundscape on the EP; conjuring images of paranormal dance raves. Safehouse was born from a need to depict stories from an outsider’s point of view – to see life through a new lens. It is eerie, spatial, fast-driving – “a four to the floor rave song inspired by a late night Scorcese binge,” explains COLLAR. Rounding out the EP is Tomorrow I’ll Disappear – which arrives like something mechanical. “This machine yearns for a rest but as it runs on the smell of an oily rag, it’s destined to churn on til completely Kaput,” they describe. 

Dive deep into the night. Embrace your strangest desires. Escape to the safe house. COLLAR’s urgency is no accident. 

‘Strangest Desires’ EP – OUT NOW 

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