MIHKA CHEE Shares An Attitude-Driven New Collection Of Material In The ‘Mess!’ EP

“Mihka Chee is a promising new artist who has succinctly mastered the art of bright and exciting musicianship with hard hitting and honest lyricism.” Happy Mag

“…a solid, bright surf-pop hit…”The Music

“Packed with gnarled feminine vibes and confrontational lyrics that are bound to fit right into your life, one way or another.Music Existence

Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist Mihka Chee today shares her new EP; three tracks of energetic pop-rock in ‘Mess!’ 

Since the release of her debut EP ‘Both’ back in 2017, Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist Mihka Chee spent the ensuing three years introducing herself to live audiences and working steadfastly on the record’s follow up release. 

Having already shared the EP’s title track this month, Chee demonstrates the fun approach she takes to songwriting and delivery across the entirety of the record making the ‘Mess!’ EP one to get around and get to know the artist through.


This concept of growth into a more self-aware version of oneself is a constant theme that runs throughout the ‘Mess!’ EP, making it a record of honesty and reflection on Chee’s part. Where ‘Mess!’ looks at overcoming her own insecurities, accompanying EP tracks Coattails and Consummate Performer present Chee at her most confident. Dusting herself off and carrying herself forward with self-awareness and independence, she channels this optimism through her music. “‘Mess!’ is about how I’ve faced my insecurities, mistakes and challenges; it’s about taking responsibilities and moving on.” Mihka Chee

The EP folds influences from artists as far ranging as Yeah Yeah YeahsMagic Dirt and Stella Donnelly together. Across the three songs, Mihka Chee establishes her own voice as a strong one to be taken seriously, as her musicianship and chops as a multi-instrumentalist stand defiant on their own.

Originally from South Auckland, she now calls Sydney’s Northern Beaches home as her career has built with pace and momentum over the last three years. And as she moves into this new creative phase, Chee presents ‘Mess!’ as a bright, fun touchstone. 

Recording took place at Housefox Studios with Ryan Miller on production and mastering, with Studios 301’s Andrew Edgson back on mastering duties, having worked with Chee on the ‘Both’ EP.


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