DIDIRRI ‘Sold For Sale’ EP Out Now

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Didirri’s guide to listening: “Take a brisk walk in the sunshine for the first 4 tracks, then listen to the next two in your room as your heart rate goes down, and then finally, close your eyes, and lie down for the closing track and let it wash over you.”

A truly global effort, ‘Sold for Sale’ was partially recorded in a house in the rural idyll of Johanna on Victoria’s south-west coast, partially recorded in the iconic Sunset Sound studio in Los Angeles, and finished in isolation with musicians scattered all over the world… the ‘Sold for Sale‘ EP is as much a physical and metaphorical journey for the artist as it is a sonic journey for the listener.

“‘Sold For Sale’ is a journey of self discovery. It is an exploration, going back through my life to find the deepest meanings and the most impactful moments that have shaped me. I am very excited to share this record with you and hope that you enjoy this expression of my life with me.”Didirri

Contemplating everything from love, to communication, to religion, isolation, his own reflection, and many more classic Didirri thought-provoking musings, Sold for Sale’ is music of heartbreak and hope. It’s music for pondering, it’s music for lovers and over-thinkers, it’s music to make you realise you’re not alone.
Written in the shadow of the Californian wildfires, and recorded in isolation in Melbourne as COVID-19 sent the world into lockdown, the EP opens with title track Sold for Sale, an exercise in the ultimate of patience and perseverance. Didirri was in his bedroom abutting a busy Brunswick Road, his drummer in Geelong, his guitarist and producer Joe Chiccarelli in LA, ensuring the path never quite ran smoothly.

Chiccarelli also lent his expertise to the record’s third song: Loose Belt Drive while Didirri was in LA – an exploration of being worn-out and disillusioned, influenced by the largess of both the music industry and the church.

‘Sold for Sale’ EP also includes three tracks delivered to fans early. The sage Don’t fight with what you’re fighting for, the driving Blue Mood Rising which effortlessly displays Didirri’s vocal prowess and Raw Stuff, the track that put him on the world stage for Eurovision: Australia Decides.

The back end of the record is different both sonically and in mood to the first half, presenting a sense of calm as it comes to a close. The isolation of the Johanna house with producer Dann Hume, the acoustic variance of the space itself and the relative confinement of the team the band all living, sleeping, eating and recording together created a nearly claustrophobic sound as the EP journeys from the thick thunderous sound of The Critic to the intimate hushed Strange with its soft strumming and gentle clarinet.

A prescient track in sound and mood, Strange was created before the pandemic began, but eloquently captures the global mood of uncertainty and isolation. “Doesn’t it feel strange, how things around me start to change.”

Three hugely different environments, overshadowed by massive events, brought together into one journey over 7 tracks.

If ‘Measurements EP was walking through the dark tunnel of life, the time between releases shows that Didirri has grown as a person, an artist, and as a songwriter. Two years of life and experience, with two more years of stories to tell, Sold for Sale’ holds our hand and gently leads us towards the light.

‘Sold For Sale’ EP is out now via Unified Music Group and Nettwerk Music Group.
Available digitally and on vinyl, you can stream or purchase the EP HERE.

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