BUTTERCATS Are Back And On Top Of Their Game With Their Latest ‘It’s Ok (Fall Apart)’

It’s ok (fall apart) is dedicated to Mama Watkin, who we’ve seen go through some difficult things this past year. She’s used to putting on a brave face to keep us from seeing the pain, but it’s in expressing our hurt rather than burying it that we become stronger than ever. This song is about being there to catch the ones you love, and trusting the ones around you when you need to fall apart.”
–  (Buttercats members and children of Mama Watkin, Jaymee and Tim Watkin)

Buttercats are an RnB inspired disco soul band from Brisbane who make music for the people.  Featuring smooth vocals and cruisy grooves, their approach to music focuses on making you feel at home and free. On stage, the band comprises two sets of siblings, who bare their souls in an electrifying live show that thrills and excites, with an emphasis on helping all people of the world step into a melty, glistening dewdrop of euphoria. Their growing reputation as a live band saw them take the stages at Yonder Festival and accompany British soul sensation, Nilüfer Yanya in 2019 and Nine Lives Festival alongside Aldous Harding and Julia Jacklin. Their most recent release Thunderstruck landed one of the tracks of the week with Purplesneakers and a slot on the New Music Fridays playlist. After a collaboration covering How Deep Is Your Love with Aussie songstress royalty, Ngaiire, comes their latest single It’s Okay (Fall Apart). 

“After a stand-out single at the start of the year and a recent video with Ngaiire, the Brisbane group are on top of their game.” – Pilerats

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