THE ENGLISH RAIN Release Long Awaited Debut Album

The English Rain is a Brisbane based band, co-founded by Steve Boom and Neil Steward who met in 1983 and played in Brisbane bands like Nightwatchman and The Psychotic Iguanas. Influenced by bands like The Beatles, The Jam and Tom Petty, the band released My Town and more recently She’s A Rainbow. The band explains “the goal has always been to try to write songs with strong melodies and hooks and we love jangly guitar driven pop songs”.

Named after Steve’s favourite Beatles song, and that the rain in England could be both depressing and joyous, the band acknowledge the same comparison can be made between the songs in their enormous catalogue. Fans will be excited to hear 12 of the band’s tracks of on their debut album ‘Echoes of You’ which releases TODAY. Produced and mixed by Jason Millhouse (Sean Sennett, 8 Ball Aitken), the band explains that while having the luxury of a catalogue of over 140 songs, the tracklisting for the album was still settled quite easily.

“The idea behind the band was to invite people we respected and were fans of, to form a collective that could evolve and morph depending on the song we wanted to record, not dissimilar to the way Massive Attack invite vocalists to record their songs”. The first artist approached was Alister Bell of SpeedstarHayden James of Cheap Fakes and upcoming alt-country artist Cassi Marie with whom Steve co-wrote a song on the album, were also invited into the fold, sharing vocal duties throughout the album. For all the other instrumentation Neil and Steve played everything from Bass, Guitars, synth, piano, string arrangements, drum programming with Jason Millhouse filing in the gaps with Bass, Guitars, Drum programming and percussion. All of the songs on the album were written or co-written by Steve.

“Despite having a number of vocalists and genres on the album, there is a nice cohesive feel to the record. Now it’s all recorded I can see a theme that runs through the record which wasn’t planned. Many of the songs deal with memories or echoes if you will,  of people have moved on from your life, whether romantically or other situations. We are really excited for people to hear these songs, and with the range of styles, most people should be able to find a song they like or that resonates with them.” – Steve Boom

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