SAMMM. Releases Single ‘Faye’ + Announces EP

Previous Support for Single Four Eyes:

“Lovely, jangle pop paired with lyrics that have real bite!” – Caz Tran, Double J

“Existential crisis but make it dreamy. I like the frenzied, stream-of-consciousness energy in the vocals against the measured guitars.” Lucy Smith, Triple J

“It’s part kooky off beat rock and part lush coastal charm and the combo works well.” – Declan Byrne, Triple J

“I like the sound here makes me feel like someone’s spiralling down and out, off the rails in a dreamy/pretty twisted way.” – Ilai Swindells, Triple J

“It’s an emotional journey for any viewer, but also a warning that though everything may seem fine, we never really know what’s going on with those around us.” – Blunt Mag

“As elegant as it is angsty, the single channels the style of bands like The War On Drugs and Real Estate with ease.” – AU Review

“Woozy strumming guitars, lo-fi drums and sweeping chord progressions. Add to this Sammm’s perfect vocal delivery and you’ve got a hit.” – AAA Backstage

Four Eyes music video added to RAGE playlist.

To follow up the release of his dreamy indie-rock track Four Eyes (released July 24), Sammm. is announcing the release of his new EP ‘Fresh Sheet Feeling’ (out October 16) alongside the release of his new track Faye.

Four Eyes with its melancholic sentiments and offbeat rock vibe paired with the strong narrative of the music video saw support from Double JBlunt MagAU ReviewAAA BackstageABC Rage4ZZZ and more.

Now, in this slow-burner of a lead single Faye, Sammm. ups the dose on his dreamy, luscious vibes in a love song. Sam Geddes states: 

“‘Faye’ is an unconventional love song romanticising the understanding between two lovers about their independent lives prior to meeting.”

Embrace for an altern-style slow dance as Faye opens with a clean, crisp electric guitar – coated in a chorus effect – strummed in time with the laid-back off-beat drums as Geddes embellishes notes, sliding up the fretboard. Layers of synths add depth to the track as a smooth, harmonic melody glides above while intermittent fuzzy waves fade in and out. 

Becoming a defining characteristic of Sammm. is Geddes kooky,eccentric and restrained angsty/ punk vocal tone and accent – all of which add colour and impact to the separate verses as the song progresses. 

Finally making its way out of this altern slow dance, the track closes with an instrumental minute of uptempo, feel-good, celebratory jangle pop.

Both Faye and previously release single Four Eyes display a uniqueness about Sammm. and what is to come from that amazing fresh sheet feeling in the EP, out October 16.


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