“All aboard the soul train, this carriage is rocking!”– Declan Byrne, triple j

Melbourne five-piece Stevie & The Sleepers have released their debut album TODAY! This self-titled album is for people who want to be guided and held by rhythm, embraced and empowered by lyrics & vocals, and drenched and encompassed in the melodic heaven that is a gut wrenching guitar solo.

The thirteen songs that make up the album were written over a span of six years. Penned by Stevie Joy and Jason Fados, each song holds their own unique story. Bury Me is a song about love, lust and loss. Tortured and tormented by love, your body can’t leave the place where it began. 

Then there’s the recently released Favourite Song. Reminiscing about those nights filled with dancing and debauchery. The single has garnered support from triple j, Triple M and community stations across Australia.

By design, Jimmy has one goal, to get you dancing. With a powerful rhythm section and guitar riffs, its existence is literally to beg you to dance and you won’t be able to resist. 

Fly will take you on a journey of empowerment. Why be sweet to those who deserve sour. A mix of dirty soul, throat burning passion, and exceptional production quality. Put up a bug catcher, this is a fly you’re going to want to catch.

Young Again is a song for the fallen. No longer defined by the broken bodies they left behind, they are free and unburdened now. Their memories will live on. The song has a melancholy heartbeat but at its core it’s hopeful, if we remember their lives, then they will forever live. 

Power and strength is infused throughout Rumbling. With a mind altering guitar solo, it’s a real punch in the face kind of song, but a punch you both deserve and want.

The album’s closing track is the duet Save You. A love song for a lost love, the last words spoken to a deaf ear. It’s reminiscent of the band’s true love of country music but echoed in soul and blues. The guitar solo cries out in anguish, emulating loss better than any words could. 

From heart-ache blues to powerful soul epics, trust that you are in good hands. Every feeling you’ve ever had will be expressed and conquered in this album. Everything left on the floor, nothing left unsaid. 

Stevie & The Sleepers’ debut self titled album is out NOW!


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