MEGHNA Unveils Brooding New Single ‘Bad Thoughts’

“You sound at home doing this, there’s a confidence that I’m really impressed by.” – Dave Ruby Howe – triple j Unearthed (AUS)

Melbourne-based artist Meghna has just revealed her hypnotic new single Bad Thoughts – produced by the artist herself and COBRA, and mixed and mastered by Joey French.

Opening with arpeggiated synths, sweeping melodies and steadfast beats, Bad Thoughts is a sophisticated slice of slow burning dark trap. As the track effortlessly unfolds, Meghna showcases the depth and versatility of her immense vocal range.

Meghna describes the motivation behind Bad Thoughts:

“‘Bad Thoughts’ is about the selfish thoughts permeating inside your head, wanting to win at all costs even if it is unethical. It’s about dealing with that anxiety of wanting to reach the top, caring only about your own success so much to the point that you’re willing to do awful things. It refers to the pursuit of success and how someone’s obsession for competition and comparison with others can impact their mental health and state of being for the worse. I wrote it based on my experience and many other people around my age who are constantly comparing themselves to others.”

Meghna was exposed to a wide range of artists from an early age, influenced by her music loving parents, who moved to Sydney from India in the 1980’s. She is currently exploring her proud heritage, which she hopes to further incorporate into the project.

Her songs are inspired by social justice issues, including women’s rights, mental health, poverty and empowering young people like herself to stay positive in what is currently a bleak world. Meghna’s genuine passion for empathy runs deep, as she is studying Law and Human Rights.

Meghna will also donate a portion of her earnings from Bad Thoughts to mental health organisation Beyond Blue.

Over the coming months, Meghna will continue to keep writing and recording more music, as Melbourne remains in lockdown.

Bad Thoughts is OUT NOW!


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