PREMIERE: DRACOREX Keep The Pedal To The Metal With New Single ‘Running Hot’ Feat. Mikki From Preston

Melbourne’s loud and proud rock n’ roll quartet DRACOREX have released their upbeat party banger Running Hot! The four minute blend of dirty glam and hard rock has hooks that could catch a shark and a beat that’ll carry you on a wild and intoxicating night out  with the band.

Running Hot shows an unexpected collaboration for the band with the addition of keys, played by Mikki from Preston. Mikki (aka Michael Cooper) has worked with a huge amount of acts (London Topaz, MAYA and Thando to name a few) in the past, mostly gravitating towards hip-hop, soul and Rn’B. Though with this latest collaboration, he switches the ‘B’ for another ‘R’ and lays his keyboard gloss down on the high-powered Rn’R groove machine that calls Melbourne home.

 The band continues to keep its raw rock n’ roll, “D.I.Y. or Die” attitude as the track is produced start to finish by the band themselves. Not ones to shy away from a challenge, the group used their last pennies to equip each member with the tools to record remotely during the COVID-19 crisis. As Twisted Sister said, “You can’t stop rock n roll”

Running Hot was one of the first songs composed by the band. Written during their early days in a tiny bungalow, which makes it an exciting release for the band. The addition of keyboards to the track only adds to the excitement, as they’ve been a “speculated element” for the band for a long time. 

This will come as the 2nd single they’ve independently released, following on from a slew of demos which can be found on the band’s Soundcloud. 

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