EP REVIEW: CrisisAct ‘Turn It Off’

Words by Shannon-Lee Sloane – The Colorful Writer

With a global pandemic upon us, we have seen a lot of change and a lot of negative impact on our lives. But one of the few good things to come from lockdowns, isolation and a loss of live music as we once knew it, is the increased amount of new music, new musical projects, new bands and overall, a fresh serving of music that has perhaps been pushed down within us and hidden in our once too busy and too hectic lives. 

A new ‘super group’ has been born of this pandemic. Enter CrisisAct, made up of metal legends and stalwarts, Joe Haley and David Haley from tech death metallers, Psycroptic, Matt Young from grindcore/thrashcore giants, King Parrot and Brett Bamberger of tech death metal/thrashers, Revocation. What a quality line up! It’s grindcore in all its beauty, delivered by a group of guys who know what the fuck they are doing. There’s no bullshit; just pure, faultless, fast paced music played at inhuman speeds with a familiar vocal we all know and love from Youngy. Who, I might add,  is not only one of the best grind vocalists I know, but also one of the nicest guys I know in metal all together. This band had won my heart before I had even tuned in. And after tuning in? All I can say is FUCK YES. 

CrisisAct have clearly been busy recently with their debut EP ‘Turn It Off’ out tomorrow – September 17, 2020. The first single released from the EP was F#*k Knows If I Die, along with a shadowy, silhouetted black, white and red music video. The first glimmer of what is to come.

Turn It Off, Putrid Existence and Odorous Incision were released next as audio tracks, followed by the most recent release, The Dog In Me Unleashed which comes with a new music video featuring the band behind metal fencing with brick walls as the backdrop and a fierce looking dog baring its teeth. All reflective of the music itself really; a new band unleashed, a new level of grind to drill your earholes and a new musical outlet for these talented, creative, musical minds. 

With eleven tracks and just over ten minutes of ear bashing to be enjoyed, this EP has set the bar high for the band, but I can only see more good things coming from them as time goes on. This was a collaboration the metal world clearly needed. Turn It Off is the opening track and the title track for the EP, it sets the pace with howling feedback on the guitar backed by the drilling of the rapidly and precisely delivered drums. You know from the get go, that this EP is a thing of brutal beauty.  Stand out tracks for me include Odorous Incision which gives that slightly slower, repetitive bassline, guitar, drums and vocals to begin with that sits solidly in your chest and feels like a warm embrace before it collectively picks up pace again and promptly comes to an end. Weak As Fucking Piss is another stand out; the blast beats just hit my heart so hard here. I am weak at the knees for relentless blast beats and Dave’s drumming abilities and talent is on display in full force in this track and throughout the entire EP. 

CrisisAct have delivered a debut EP that will no doubt be added to the playlist of many a grindcore fan instantly. The band has been welcomed with open arms by fans of grind and fans of the individual members, who are all held in high regard for their talents, professionalism and musical offerings. 

Thank you CrisisAct for the music. Thank you for combining your musical talents and thank you for giving us something to tune into while we try to tune out from the chaos of the world as we know it. 

Get your ears around this new release tomorrow – Pre-add on streaming platforms, and pre-order 7″ vinyl and merchandise HERE

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