TROPICAL FU*K STORM’s New Single ‘Heaven’

Legal Ghost Vs Heaven is Available digitally and on limited edition vinyl now via Flightless Records Pre Order Now

“Wired and ill at ease with the world around it, yet comfortable in its twitching, sweat-speckled skin. Cerebral and gut-level. High-minded and high volume, a grandness that isn’t a mess at all.”The Line Of Best Fit

You have heard their brand new banga Legal Ghost (listen here) a few weeks back, and now it’s time to step back into the glory days of 1979 for the B Side, Talking Head’s desperately, exquisite tune Heaven (listen here).

Heaven is this weird chameleon-like tune which has meant one thing for about 40 years. But in light of all this pandemic shit and all the trouble and strife in the western world has done a total 180-degree flip, and now Heaven means the reverse of what it once did.  It also has a lovely melody,” Gareth explains.  

Recorded at Dodgy Brothers Studio in Central Victoria, right before the world disappeared indoors, featuring guest performances from Don Don (Augie March) and H’y (Suss Cu*ts) on pedal steel and violin respectively. 

A new electric blue limited edition 7 inch is going to be released after the initial red pressing sold out within hours of going on sale.

Canadian artist Joe Becker, the reclusive evil architect behind TFS’s mind-bending cover art has created an exclusive design featuring Gaz, Fi, Reeko and Hammer fusion of zombie faces for a limited edition T-Shirt for all you online shoppers out there, available via Flightless. Because there is nothing more important than collectable farshun during a pandemic.

Fanatical music nerd’s ears may recognise the reverberations of Legal Ghost; it originally appeared on the ‘Bong Odyssey’ album (recorded in the nineties, recently released on Bandcamp by TFS Records and on vinyl by Bang! Records), an at-home four-track recording by pot-smoking teenage morons, Gareth Liddiard and Drones OG Rui Pereira.

With the ’90s having an inevitable renaissance in 2020, it seemed opportune for TFS to rerecord it and this time, get it on the airwaves and make it famous. 

Pre-order the limited-edition blue vinyl of Legal Ghost vs Heaven via Flightless Records Pre Order Now

TFS will release their third album early 2021 via Flightless Records.


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