PREMIERE: ANOUSHA VICTOIRE Releases Emotive Video For Bilingual ‘La Sorciere’

Folk/world artist Anousha Victoire gained critical acclaim in the early 2000’s for her ‘bell-over-water’ vocal tone, delicate fingerpicking folk guitar, thought-provoking lyrics and Indian and french influences. After a decade away from music, her new album ‘Precious Things’ releases on September 18th. As the album draws closer she’s premiering the video for new single La Sorcière which in French means ‘the witch’.

The song was written while working in a tiny village in French speaking West Africa as Anousha explains, “I was hearing tales of witchcraft that sounded similar to the tales I had heard when living in rural France, and again while living in an indigenous community in rural Chile… stories of witches as healers are told in many cultures around the world. Universally feared and relied upon in equal measure, the often misunderstood village healer or witch was working in a lonely and dangerous craft, often trying to benefit the health of the community but holding knowledge that was perceived as a threat. In many times and cultures it seems that often strong women who challenged norms or who commanded respect were accused of witchcraft and suffered a cruel fate.”

It’s a grim tale handed down by an angular melody and plaintive vocal and guitar from Anousha coupled with haunting strings by ­­­­­­­Skye Harrison (violin) and Dave Robertson (cello) who provide the ghostly soundtrack with the percussion from Chas Webb driving the story towards its inescapable outcome.

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