GIRL AND GIRL Share New Single ‘Ocean Song’

“..a distinct sound and energy that grabs you.”
– Declan Byrne, triple j

Gold Coast four-piece, Girl and Girl make a splash with their new single Ocean Song. The single marks a sonic progression for the band, known by fans for their trademark garage rock sound, only this time with a jazzy twist. 

Self-proclaimed ‘desperate rock’ artists, the band are unique in nature, featuring Aunty Liss, her nephew Kai Aubert, and his two friends Jayden Williams and Coby Williams. Ocean Song is an introspective track that touches on the themes of rumination and ‘action over thought’.

“For me personally, it’s about over-analyzing every possible situation, the song says spend more time taking action and less time thinking, because thinking will ruin your life, or thinking too much rather,” explains lead singer Kai.

Girl and Girl have been busy growing their fanbase across Gold Coast and Brisbane, having been dubbed favourites of 2019 by ABC Radio’s GC Drive and walked away with first place at The Green Room Battle of the Bands (Gold Coast) in that same year. The band have also been seen playing alongside Gold Coast favourites such as Peach Fur and Pure Milk earlier this year.

Dive into the latest single from Girl and Girl as they are shore to make waves.

‘Ocean Song’ is out NOW.

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