ALBUM REVIEW: Yours Truly – Self Care

Words by Tracey Moyle – Music Maven

Sydney Pop Punk rockets Yours Truly have hit the ground running since coming together in 2016. They have dominated the alternative charts, sold out shows around Australia, and played at festivals including Download UK, Good Things Festival, Slam Dunk, Chicago’s Riot Fest and more. They have rocketed to heights many longer established bands are still dreaming of. And with an average age that boasts 21 there is a lot of excitement about for one of Australia’s most striking rising stars.

With their debut album ‘Self Care’ due to drop on September 18 via UNFD, fans are eager to hear the delights the band have in store.  After the overwhelming success of EP’s ‘Too Late For Apologies’ (2017) and ‘Afterglow’ (2019) there is no doubt Yours Truly can come up with the goods. It’s what they’ve packed into this bag of musical goodies that has everyone eager to wrap their listening gear around the tracks.

‘Self Care’ opens up with a burst of joy leaping out of the speakers. Siamese Souls give us a big dose of the energy we so love charging up on, from Yours Truly.  Lead songstress Mikaila Delago’s vocals are sweetly powerful, pulling out all the emotion of the track. Drummer extraordinaire Bradley Cronan, carries the beat perfectly, falling and rising, guiding the melody.  A great track to kick off with.

First single, Composure, sweeps you away and fills your soul with that perfect pop punk formula. The beat doesn’t let up through this anthemic track all about keeping your Composure at the end of a relationship. The band sticks with that upbeat formula cruising into next track Together. An insight into anxiety and feeling out of place. Sorting through emotions are a big part of our generation’s journey and music plays a big role in helping people sift through these feelings. The vulnerability of wearing your heart on your sleeve is a big part of pop punk’s charm and identity.

“If you look inside my mind would you see me the same, see me the same, cause its easy to pretend that we’re feeling ok, feeling ok.”


We glide into Vivid Dream. Vocally and lyrically hope is the energy that rings out, “I don’t want to give it up so tell me I can stay”.  Catchy hooks drag you in and carry you through the song. Vivid Dream has a distinctive pop/groove element, embracing a sunny vibe, with an added bit of sass.

The mood switches with Undersize. Simplistic and cheery, still beaming with sunshine, Delgado’s pure and luscious vocals sparkling through, you can’t help but feel the positive vibe shining out. Gentle guitars carry the melody perfectly alongside vocals, this third single release from the album encouraging us to keep the upside of life in our sights. Life is always changing but there is always someone there to help keep you afloat.

Finding energy again Ghost haas more of their pop/rock/punk blend that has catapulted this band to early successes. Mikaila has found the passion and honesty in her vocals, “Yeah I’m a Ghost, to you like always.” Up next, energetic latest single, Funeral Home, touches on the realisation of true distance in families, sometimes only seeing each other at funerals, mourning a relative you realise you didn’t really know, the surreal experience of it. A sombre topic but in contrast the energy of the track is fun and upbeat.

Glass Houses takes on a definite rock beat, with Delgado putting her powerful vocals on display. Her range is a treat throughout this track. Lachlan Cronin and Teddie Haron shine with big guitar riffs, the band showing they’re well and truly able to play at any pace. Which takes us into the contrasting Half of Me, slowing things down with this melancholic acoustic track. Embracing a yearning quality in her voice Mikaila wears her heart on her sleeve with this emotionally fierce song. Her vocals hold the power throughout without losing any emotion, with the acoustic there just for support.

Final track, Heartsleeve belts out a steady beat and carries a solid pace, taking out the album with heart and emotion. “Do you feel anything?”  Delago’s infectious vocals plead for an answer.  I would guess the answer is yes. A feeling of joy at a brilliantly upbeat debut from Yours Truly.


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