NOWHERE ELSE Release Debut EP ‘ Something Strange, Something Dark, Something Familiar’ + Unveil Lead Single + Music Video ‘Losing Sight’

The time has come. Time for ‘Something Strange, Something Dark, Something Familiar’ as Gold Coast’s Nowhere Else release their debut EP into the world. And not only that, but today they also unveil the lead single, Losing Sight along with a wondrously wicked new music video. 

Their debut EP has been a long time coming, with some delays due to unforeseen circumstances and the impact of a global pandemic, but nothing can hold back the force of new music from a band committed to their art. Nowhere Else stand strong with their eagerly awaited new release and one that is well worth waiting for. 

‘Something Strange, Something Dark, Something Familiar’ features six hard hitting tracks that highlight the bands hearty blend of Hard Rock, Metal, Melodic, Prog and Alternative Rock.

Jimmy gives his thoughts on the EP:
“The EP is an eclectic mix of rock, punk, prog, hardcore and even a touch of metal on the edges. The overall sound is hard to describe but Jodie’s line in Movement In Shadows seemed to sum it up perfectly. Something Strange, Something Dark, Something Familiar.”

Listen HERE 

Today also sees the unveiling of the lead single, Losing Sight along with a freakishly fantastic new music video. The filming of the video took place at Vinnies Dive on the Gold Coast, two days prior to the world being shut down due to a global pandemic. The band decided to play on the fact that they are currently without a full time drummer, making the music video an ‘audition’ of sorts.

Only a few of the bands freaky friends and a few of drummers would show up while Southport was a complete ghost town. These drummers would include Chris Dennis (Azreal) Kurt Winter (The Silencio) and Zain Constantine (Purple Zain)

Tiggr gives some insight to the lead single: “Losing Sight is a song that showcases all the directions that a NWE song can go in. There’s heavier songs and lighter songs on the EP, and Losing Site is kind of the song that ties them all together. It’s always been an explosive song to play live, and a great set opener.”

“To say we’ve had some challenges with this release is an understatement. The easiest part of the whole process was definitely writing and recording the songs. But we made it. Eventually.” – Jodie

‘Something Strange, Something Dark, Something Familiar’ was recorded in late 2019 at Lovestreet Studios and mastered by Paul Blakey. The EP also features the bands previous drummer, Benny ‘Whiskey’ Willis who played drums, provided backing vocals and was a major contributing songwriter on the EP. The music video was filmed and edited by Luke Sorenson of Liquify Magazine who is also known for touring the world with Suicidal Tendencies as their videographer.

Track listing:

  1. Movement In Shadows
  2. Faded Black 
  3. Losing Sight
  4. Take Control
  5. Rain On Me
  6. Innocence Lost 

Nowhere Else is: 
Jodie Maloney – Lead Vocals
Tiggr Boogie – Bass + Backing Vocals 
Jimmy Glinster – Guitar + Backing Vocals

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