Q&A: Waxflower Frontman Tristan Higginson Talks Sit-Down Shows, Flight Anxiety + The Importance of Band Practice

Words/Interview by Natalie Blacklock

The second wave of pop-punk is alive and well and let me tell you, we at Good Call Live are here for it! Brisbane’s very own Waxflower are one act leading the way, taking influence from a bunch of 2000’s Australian punk, rock and hardcore bands including; Faker, Kisschasy, The Mission In Motion and Stealing O’Neal (ahh, the memories…). If you haven’t got around Waxflower before, think hard-hitting lyrics, progressive melodies and catchy guitar hooks that bring a genuine and unique perspective to the table, resonating with anyone and everyone from the very first listen.

The band; Tristan Higginson (Vocals / Bass), Jordan Beard (Guitar / Vocals), Nick Hargans (Guitar) and Daniel Seymour (Drums) had a massive 2019, touring with the likes of local acts Sly Withers, Between You & Me, The Dead Love as well as Canadian punk-pop heartthrobs, Simple Plan. Through the COVID-19 period, the band released the stunning Sixteen Floors and now, Waxflower have returned with yet another new track, Getting Better – it’s a bit of a change of pace from their previous tracks and showcases the band’s strength and adaptability in songwriting. Teaming up again with acclaimed producer, Stevie Knight (Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly and Between You & Me), Getting Better lays bear some heavy themes including mental health, relationships and personal growth. Following their recent signing to European heavy-weights, Rude Records (Saves The Day, Gideon, Blood Youth, Sleep On It), the band are well and truly ready for whatever comes next as they look to push forward globally (after the threat of COVID-19 passes, of course).

The team at Good Call Live have a bit of a soft spot for Waxflower and with brand new music in tow, there was no better time for a chat so I *digitally* caught up with Frontman, Tristan Higginson, to talk about this and a whole lot more.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Waxflower before, can you give us a quick 25-word-or-less blurb ‘summary’ of the band?

Sad guitar music (with hope).

Now, we’re keen to know a little bit more about the faces behind Waxflower. How would you describe each of you in three words?

Tristan – Tall, scared and tall
Jordan – Smart, handsome, sweetie
Nick – Funny, hustle, snacks
Dan – Dad, loud, louder

Which of your tracks would you recommend checking out if someone has never listened to Waxflower before?

Back To Back & Cut Your Teeth.

Tell us a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to your music. Does the band have a go-to spot for recording? Who do you work with on mixing and mastering?

We have used the same team for every track so far. Stevie Knight is our producer, James Paul Wisner handles mixing duties and Alan Douches makes everything shine in mastering.

A couple of us from the Good Call Live team had the pleasure of attending your Anti-Social Session at The Zoo recently with Semantics and we absolutely loved it – especially the gorgeous ‘Hymns of Waxflower’ songbooks on the tables pre-show. How did you find the shows? Was it a different experience having your audience seated?

Thank you! It was so good to get back out there, even if it was just for one night. Playing had become such a constant in our lives, it’s easy to take stuff like that for granted and you really see the impact it was having on your life when it’s taken away.

At that show, we were lucky enough to catch your latest single, Getting Better, which is released on September 3rd. How are you feeling about the track? How did the song come together?

We’re all really excited! Getting Better is a deeply personal song. On one hand, it’s nerve-racking to be putting it out, but I’m really proud of the song and want to hand it off – it’s almost like I’m preparing for my child’s first day of school.

Listen to/Purchase/Download Getting Better HERE

Speaking of live shows, life on tour can be pretty crazy for many artists and bands. What does touring look like for Waxflower? Can you recall any memorable / infamous tour stories?

We’ve been extremely lucky to play so many interstate shows in the short tenure of the band. I have bad anxiety around flying so when we played our first tour last year I opted to get the train from Brisbane to Melbourne. I’ve flown every time since…

As a ‘band girlfriend’, I know that gearing up for those live shows can be hectic! Talk us through what happens when Waxflower prepares for an upcoming show.

We practice as much as we can in the months leading up, cross our fingers and hope nothing goes wrong.  

With more time on our hands than usual, music streaming services (e.g. Apple Music / Spotify) are getting a workout as many of us search for something to give us our live music fix. What’s currently cranking on your Spotify?

I’ve been listening almost exclusively to a band called Copeland – specifically their albums ‘Beneath Medicine Tree’ (2003) and ‘In Motion’ (2005).

Following the release of your new single, Getting Better, on September 3rd, what’s next for Waxflower? Is there plans for an album?

There’s not much we’re allowed to say. There will always be more music on the way!

Waxflower have just dropped their new brand spankin’ new single Getting Better TODAY and you NEED to give it a listen! Take a minute, check it out and be sure to catch Waxflower live the next time they’re near you!

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