EP REVIEW: Snark – ‘Impostor’

Words by Tracey Moyle Music Maven

Melbourne based pop punk trio Snark have just dropped their debut EP ‘Impostor’ capturing the empathy of this angst driven genre with a sound instantly familiar to those fans of 90’s and early 2000’s California style punk rock. Throw in a hint of rawness with a Wavves style no-fi vibe and an overlay of Aussie alternative rock (think Violent Soho) and you get yet another fantastic, emerging local band following the likes of Slowly Slowly and Yours Truly leading the pop punk resurgence.

Produced by Kisschasy’s Darren Cordeaux, ‘Impostor’ surrounds the idea of the band shedding their “impostor syndrome” around being a band, allowing themselves to fully embrace their new era. 

The band have said the EP “is the result of a really turbulent couple of years personally and that is reflected in the contrast between tracks…We’ve really poured our heart and soul into these songs – there are some uncomfortable moments and hard truths in there, as well as the upbeat yet melancholy lyrics we’ve had in the past.”

And capturing the emotive feel of the tracks through the musical cadence and affective vocals is exactly what they have achieved. The EP’s five tracks have produced a brilliant debut that has a blend of musical influences that will appeal to a broad fan base.

There’s a big nod to early blink 182 with opening track Whatever, Nevermind setting off a familiar feel from the start. Classic pop punk hooks and dual vocals bring back days of when this popular genre was at its height.  With Stefan (vocals, guitar) and Pat (vocals, bass) well matched combination of harmonic vocals and a catchy melody Snark carry you through the opening track with ease.  A brilliant opening track bound to hook in fans of this genre, old and new, right from the start.  

What’s pop punk without the torment? Wasted immediately has their musical influences shining through. A genre typical angsty track with perfected harmonies, Snark have added a surfer punk energy against the mellow tones of the song, again reminiscent of early ‘blink’  with the vocal duality .    

Third track Pathetic has a melancholic bite to it with the theme seemingly pointed towards the toxicity of a relationship. With guitars and drums moving the tempo about in emotional waves, there’s a dose of bitterness in the lyrics; “you only want what you can’t have. Feels Like your words could kill me”.

Three Twenty-Seven has more great melodic harmonies with Stefan and Pat finding the perfect vocal match producing a catchy upbeat track. The way this three-piece puts forward so much musical contrast in one track is brilliant.  A strong pop track that ebbs and flows with a ‘Cali’ classic punk undercurrent pulling it along.

Sentimental closes the EP bringing out the Aussie alternative feels. Snark have come close to mastering the ability to get the emotional intent of the song title injected through the tone of the music. There ‘is’ a heavy sense of sentiment to this final song. Can’t help but hear a tiny hint of Aussie alternative greats, Jebediah for some reason but you get the feel that there is diversity coming out through their music. I enjoyed this EP a lot and am looking forward to more brilliant music from Snark down the track.

Snark are Stefan (guitar, vocals) Pat (Bass, Vocals) and Matias (Drums).

‘Impostor’ is out now on all streaming platforms.

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