BLACK RABBIT GEORGE Counts Down His Top 5 Guitarists of All Time

Gold Coast-based Psych-Folk artist Black Rabbit George released his sophomore album ‘Warren’ recently. The album is full of sonically enchanting tracks that have earned spins on 4ZZZ, RTR FM, 2XX, Bay FM, Edge Radio and Radio Adelaide, and had The Soundcheck singing praises: “Stemming from a lifetime interest in folk and roots music and driven by an artist readily revered for his musical whimsy, ‘Warren’ further stamps an indelible mark on the music world for Black Rabbit George.”


Black Rabbit George is the moniker for Tijuana Cartel‘s guitarist/singer/songwriter, Paul George – and the avenue through which, with his acoustic guitar in hand, he can delve deeper into his long-time passion for folk and roots music.

The following countdown must’ve been insanely difficult for George to compile for us considering his immense passion for guitars!

Get to know Black Rabbit George a bit better with us, as he lets us into his heart and mind and shares his top 5 guitarists of all time…

“What a great thing to ask. I could probably go on for many weeks on this subject, but I’ll try and stay succinct.”

5. Gabor Szabo

“Not the technical genius of a lot of the guitarists I listen to, but if you’ve heard me play guitar and you’ve listened to Gabor Szabo’s version of ‘Three King Fisher’, you’ll hear a lot of influence on my playing. It’s a mixture of Psychedelic improvisation over Hungarian scales and to me they work in a way that changed my own playing. It’s simple and original.”

4. Jimi Hendrix

“At Berkley if you study guitar, they do it as pre and post Hendrix. It’s pretty hard not to put him in here. To me, it’s the way he sat so close to a mistake with the prowess and intuition to pull it off, I still haven’t heard another guitarist be able to walk that line with such a perfect but wobbly balance.”

3. Strunz and Farah

“So, I cheated by putting in a duo, but they only really play as that so I feel it is kind of one entity. Their influence has been huge on me, I spent years learning riffs and phrases of theirs just so I could understand how it felt to create the harmonies that lie so well together. Most people would find the playing a little corny, but to me it’s bliss. Essentially, they are a Middle Eastern duo doing their take on South American and Flamenco guitar, it’s a great mix.”

2. Billy Corgan

“So many other guitarists I wanted to pick, just because there are so many great ones out there. To me though, so many of my favourite solos are on the album Siamese Dream. The tone, the way they build the excessiveness it’s all sublime to me.”

1. Paco Delucia

“It doesn’t really get more transcendent to me. Hard to put into words other that he was sublime in every way, the technique, the feeling, the mathematics alone. None of it I could even begin to touch.”


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