ELLA BELFANTI Set To Unveil Fervent New Single ‘Hold You In’

Brisbane singer-songwriter, Ella Belfanti is set to release her fervent new single, Hold You In on September 15, 2020. An emotive tale of young love and not wanting to move on, even though you know you must. 

A songbird and a talented, unique guitar player, Ella’s style is similar to that of John Butler. Using her guitar as her whole band; she uses the one instrument to deliver sounds that cover the strings, percussion and everything in between. At only 21 years of age, Ella’s music, lyrics, talent and delivery has a maturity well beyond her years. 

Ella gives some insight into her new song: “I wrote Hold You In after my first ever relationship came to an end. It’s about knowing that you need to let something go, but wanting to hold onto it anyway, even though you know it’s not right for you.”

Hold You In was recorded at Studio Circuit on the Gold Coast with Melbourne producer George Carpenter, who then mixed it back in Melbourne at The Aviary. It was mastered on the Gold Coast by Paul Blakey. 

The music video was filmed and edited by Zach Finlayson in Ella’s bedroom in Brisbane. Ella explains: “The concept was to recreate the moment that I wrote the song and played it to myself for the first time, in its most raw and organic form. My songwriting is basically self therapy; it’s how I deal with the world and process my experiences. So we wanted to capture the moment that I came to terms with the experience and decided to let it go.”

Ella will celebrate the release of the new single with a show at one of Brisbane’s most loved live music venues, The Triffid on the 23rd of September. Event page here.


“…And I wanted to be closer
I wanted to be warm
But I’d flown across the sky into the coldest blizzard storm
And it’s ironic
That everything I set out to find
Is exactly what you weren’t, but somehow I didn’t mind…”

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