DENNI Unveils New Single ‘Runaways’ Ft. Greeley

Tasmanian Aboriginal artist DENNI today unveils a new sonic direction with the new single RUNAWAYS ft. Greeley

RUNAWAYS sees the proud pakana woman switch out her indie folk roots for a ferocious entrance into the Australian hip hop landscape, arriving in style alongside a music video (premiered via Pilerats) that parallels her serendipitous collaboration with fellow Tassie hip hop artist Greeley. The release is the first taste of DENNI’s forthcoming EP by the same name, due for release October this year, and is a meaningful step for the artist.

“Music and art is my deepest expression of self love and a part of my healing,” says DENNI. “As a Tasmanian Aboriginal person growing up in dual communities, it really shaped who I am as a woman and the issues and themes that I write about in my music.”

“We really wanted this film clip to feel a certain way and reflect on our journey as separate artists, crossing paths but who never actually meet while on the move. The locations in the clip really capture where we were at the time, and touch on the serendipity in events that brought us closer together.”

The soulful soundscape passed through many talented hands to reach its final form, seeing DENNI spend her recent COVID-19 lock down at the NO ONE network studio in Brisbane. A stellar list of collaborators including Nerve, Lariken, Greeley, and AO joined forces to bring DENNI’s ‘RUNAWAYS’ EP to life. 
With the single’s beat produced by long term collaborator and producer Alex O’Leary, aka AO, ‘RUNAWAYS’ mix & master was completed with hip hop frontrunner Nerve and aforementioned feature artist and Tassie hip hop mainstay Greeley.

DENNI is a Tasmanian Aboriginal artist, passionate about her heritage and the fight to keep culture alive and well through music and performance. For close to a decade DENNI has been both the musical moniker of Denni Proctor and a collaborative project with various artists from all around the country. In that time developing a brilliant reputation as a strong live performer, playing a host of local and national festivals including; Falls Festival Marion Bay (opening for triple j in 2016), Festival of VoicesHuon Valley Mid Winter festParty in the Paddocka festival called PanamaDarkMofoMonaFomaSpirit Festival SA and GARMA festival in North East Arnhem Land.
The 2015 NAIDOC Week, triple j Unearthed feature artist and proud pakana woman has developed the ever evolving project into something that continues to tell the story of this infinitely creative Tasmanian gem. Starting out as a talented indie folk singer songwriter, DENNI’s journey continues to transform; recently taking the exciting twist and leap into the world of Aussie hip hop. Having always flirted with hip hop, but never committing until recently, has seen this natural progression into lush electronic synths and hard hitting beats, proving a winning combo with the lyrically skillful DENNI and her soulfully smooth vocals jam packed with story and heart.

With the independent release of ‘Wise Ones’ EP in 2019, reaching fans across the country and making it to number 9 on iTunes Electronic music charts, the coming EP and self titled single Runaways picks up in a fresh and exciting way from where ‘Wise Ones’ left off. Having just been signed to the fresh out of the blocks independent Tasmanian record label Vibestown Sounds and after much hard work and musical evolution in recent times, 
DENNI has spent the last few months getting down to business in the Brisbane NO ONE network studio. With a dynamic team fully focussed during the recent COVID-19-studio-lock-down/lock-in situation, DENNI has managed to bring together a set of brilliant collaborations, joining forces with fellow Tassie hip hop mainstay Greeley, Brisbane’s Nerve, Adelaide’s Lariken and fellow Tasmanian producers AO and Jack Mclaine
There’s no other way to say it, ‘Runaways’ is an EP full of fire…with big boom bap beats and powerful, timely lyrics straight to the point – you’re about to see one of Australia’s most important emerging artists deliver – and not only one of the best releases of 2020, but the best release of an already impressive career to date.



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