ALBUM REVIEW: Diesel – ‘Sunset Suburbia’

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Diesel’s newest full-length album, ‘Sunset Suburbia’ has been a tantalizingly slow burn. It’s the end product in a trilogy of recordings from the Australian pop rock maestro which first began back in August 2019 with the release of lead EP – ‘Sunset Suburbia Vol 1’.  The project again gaining momentum in November 2019 with the release of EP number two – ‘Sunset Suburbia Vol 2’, both EPs paving the way for a full 10 track album of the same name ‘Sunset Suburbia’, which is due for release at the end of the week – Friday August 28th, 2020 to be exact.

‘Sunset Suburbia’ is the 14th studio album for Diesel and surprisingly the first full length recording of all new material in nearly six years. Over that time, he’s been far from idle though, with many projects in hand, including the release in 2016 of his ‘Americana’ album and the 2018 release of ‘Diesel 30 – The Greatest Hits’, not to mention collaborating with and producing for his LA based daughter The Blossom on her debut EP ‘Bleeding Buttercup’ earlier in the year.

With a to do list like that it’s little wonder Diesel is revered as one of the hardest working and most respected artists within the industry, and undoubtedly takes his place in Australian music lore as one of our favorite sons. His skill, appeal and craftmanship attesting to his longevity – he’s notched up 30 years plus on the scene and has a solid fan base of young and old, both here and overseas. Fans that will no doubt find plenty to be pleased about with this new recording.

It’s a mellow album, soft pop rock flavored with an alluringly intimate and familiar feel. Skilled musicianship aligned with distinctly soulful vocals and all the hallmarks of Diesel’s intensely personal lyrical style combine to deliver 10 cohesive and complementary tracks. Observations and experiences drawn from life, love, learning, yearning and heartache pepper the album and capture the endearing emotive expression for which Diesel is known and loved.

The opening track and third single taken from the album, On The Inside is a perfect example, it’s a smooth, laidback tune, coupled with raw, honest lyrics about ruminating on the past, the weight of things unseen and carrying the burdens of the heart and mind to the point of meltdown.  

Another highlight is Quietly Drift – its rock undertones paired with layers of sweetness and light bring a sense of floating, a chilled vibe of just going with the flow, however as Diesel puts it, the song is really about ‘… looking behind and looking ahead, but realizing that you are actually still drifting”.

I’m also a little partial to I’m Sold – a love song of the finest order, drums and guitar take you on the rollercoasting highs and lows of losing your heart in a done deal  – something that was a foregone conclusion right from the very start and Sunset Suburbia – the title and final track of the album, which has a deeper, dirtier bluesy feel to it, demonstrating masterful interludes of electronic guitar and harmonica in ringing out against the angst of suburbia.

The album is available for pre order, with the collectors out there able to snap up a super cool silver vinyl edition, with autographed slick if you’re quick. In addition, Diesel with his enviable style and purpose has also knocked up a few treats for the lovers of live music despite the current state of affairs, announcing some very specialised and exclusive events to launch the album, including a commemorative ‘Sunset Suburbia’ cocktail to aid in the celebration.

So, it’s very good news for those of you that live in the Newcastle or Hunter Valley region of NSW, as you can still book yourself tickets for an in-house matinee performance on Saturday 29th August, 2020 at Lizotte’s Newcastle NSW, where Diesel will be performing ‘Sunset Suburbia’ live with special guest Austin McKay.

There’s also an in-house evening performance scheduled for the same day, which is currently sold out, but fear not,those of us unable to get tickets as well as the rest of us Aussies and Kiwis quarantined, isolated or otherwise restricted by boarder closures haven’t been forgotten about.

Live Streaming tickets to the evening event have been made available so if you live in OZ or New Zealand you can watch the album launch on any device, with a ‘Sunset Suburbia’ cocktail in hand from the comfort of your own slice of suburbia, which sans being there sounds like a superb suburban evening to me.

In addition, Diesel has plenty of shows booked about the country following the launch, but in these crazy times they are want to change with very short notice, may already be cancelled or postponed, so please check the official Diesel Music website and/or directly with the venue if you have any concerns.

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