FREAKSHOW NIGHTMARE Release New Punk Anthem ‘Locked Out’

Brisbane bringers of ‘Nightmare Punk Rock’, Freakshow Nightmare have released their latest single, Locked Out;  a punked up anthem about the band’s relatable frustrations with Queensland’s lock out laws. 

All band members had a hand in the writing of the music and lyrics for the song, something that they say doesn’t happen too often. The tune also sees a more political approach to some of their previous releases. Bragg had a starting riff and then we all played with it and took it from there.  When it came time to write the lyrics, we wanted to go with something a little more political.  We write some silly shit, but we want to write more political songs as well and this felt like the right song for it.” – Dickboy

Listen to/Download Locked Out on Bandcamp HERE + on Spotify HERE

Locked Out was recorded in 2019 at The Shed Recording Studio in Brisbane with Darek Mudge (Screamfeeder, Intercooler) and mastered by Bryce Moorhead. Both are known for their work with many successful artists and bands including WALKEN and Violent Soho. 

Freakshow Nightmare have been terrorizing the Brisbane Punk scene and beyond since 2016. A recent addition to the lineup sees longtime friend Leah M. Hael joining the rowdy crew on guitar and vocals. If you are familiar with the Brissy Punk scene and beyond, then you would have had the extreme pleasure of seeing the Freakshow punkers on various stages with the likes of Flangipanis, I am Duckeye, Topnovil and more. They’ve also rocked out at festivals everywhere such as Dead Of Winter, Nevermind The Warp’d Tour and Melbourne’s revered Smashfest. 

Before you come in
(Who me?)
You’ll need to scan
(What my ID?)
It’s the government’s
(It’s all their fault)
Protection plan
(I’m an adult)

Seriously you just saw me go out and have a smoke
This city’s become a fucking joke

I’ve been locked out…

There’s bound to be more from this five piece of fun times, so stay tuned to their socials and keep your ears to the ground or the underground Punk scene for more music from Freakshow Nightmare soon… or maybe later, who really knows?

Freakshow Nightmare are:
Brett Bites – Guitar, Vocals
Dickboy – Guitar
Leah M. Hael – Guitar, Vocals 
Bragg – Bass
Pirate Nel – Drums, Vocals

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