DIAMOND CONSTRUCT Drop ‘Enigma’ Complete With The Heaviest Breakdown Of 2020

For listeners that thought the self-titled debut was the best Diamond Construct had to offer,
guess again. If this backflip of a new EP is anything to go by, we haven’t heard the half of what
the band have to offer.” 8/10 – Hysteria Magazine

Ahead of the release of their boundary pushing EP on Friday, Diamond Construct, the young act from regional New South Wales who have taken Australia by storm, have been blown away by the response to the creative risks they took. Vocalist Kynan Groundwater finds himself eternally grateful. “We feel as though we’ve achieved something totally new for us in ‘DCX2’ by the response so far with Psychosis but also feel that our fans have familiarised themselves with the sounds they’ve heard on the self titled within that. Every one has been so positive in their outlook towards us moving forward with this and we are over the moon with how it’s going. Clearly blown everything else out of the water.” ‘DCX2‘ will drop August 28th via Greyscale Records with pre-orders available HERE.

I won’t rest until you feel emptiness.

Groundwater admits that while there have been some major pushes to incorporate more sounds into their new EP, the band will never lose the desire for a seriously heavy song. “In saying that, writing our new single Enigma is one of the heaviest if not our heaviest song to date. It’s what the lyrics called for. The song is about sexual abuse and the total emotional strain on the victims and their close family and friends endure when this sadly happens. We won’t stand by and let this happen. Enigma is a rally to defend your loved ones. The song is a champion for the victims and we feel like almost every one can identify with the themes that we bring to the table here.”

It’s an understatement to say things are difficult for musicians at the moment, but Groundwater says the band are staying creative and working on new ventures and ways to interact with fans while we wait on shows to return. “Obviously it’s a very hard time being in a band at the moment or being in any creative field for that matter. So we’ve been keeping busy by bringing fresh content more often for all our psychos out there who want to know what we do behind ‘DCX2’. We are planning weekly vlogs and in depth ‘making of’ interviews as well as always working on new material musically. We are only just getting started.”

‘DCX2’ will be available for streaming/download from Friday 28th August. Pre-order your copy HERE.

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With thanks to Greyscale Records.

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