BURNING WITCHES Release Acoustic Sessions EP

The mighty BURNING WITCHES have released their ‘Corona Acoustic Session’ on streaming platforms.

The band was asked by many fans to release the acoustic set they recently recorded for a live stream, so they decided to make this magical performance available on all streaming platforms today.

So far, the ‘Corona Acoustic Session’ was only available on YouTube. Now all fans get the chance to see this powerful live performance in high resolution with high quality sound anywhere!

BURNING WITCHES comment: “Something positive that came out of the difficult Corona times, was for sure that we made this spontaneous acoustic jam with those talented friends and guests.  Your demand made this release now possible on all streaming portals, thanks a lot for that! It will remain a nice memory this way and it also marks Larissa’s first appearance with the WITCHES!  We have heard your call and maybe one day we will do another session like this but you ALL know WE LOVE IT LOUD, so watch out for our new single to come very soon!”  

The three songs were recorded live at Little Creek studio in Switzerland with special guests Courtney Cox (The Iron Maidens), Larissa (the new Witch on guitar) and Noelle Dos Anjos (Nungara, Alkoholika).

BURNING WITCHES are currently in the studio recording their new single which will be released on September 17th.

Buy their latest album, ‘Dance With The Devil’ HERE.
Watch/Listen to Acoustic Sessions HERE.

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